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  1. The Happy Shopper XI mate.
  2. Even in my wildest dreams I might have got that on the green. But its a certainty I'm face planting on the run down the hill. Broken face and arm for sure.
  3. That recovery shot from Spieth was golf porn.
  4. Yeah a few seem to have jumped the gun and surrendered far too early in the context of a 3 day event. Plenty of twist and turns between now and Sunday night.
  5. No other player gave me as much joy celebrating his goals than Super Ally did. Especially against the Taigs.
  6. Usually when im at work we win. So expect a comfortable win tonight.
  7. Gregor Stevens better keep the physicality in his tackling to a minimum tonight. I would accept a draw tbh.
  8. Sheep trading and "I will owe you a favour" the currency of the fanatical deluded scum.
  9. Have to agree the cancellation shows that player power now controls the ECB.
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