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  1. IMG_5087.MP4.211d2479615430bc3a70e9dfe0f998d8.mp4
  2. Wouldnt be any use when im at work mate. Highlights are enough for me.
  3. Im the same. Dont have Alexa so just wait to get sent the best highlights from mates.
  4. Always expecting Lennon to double down. Unrepentant wee taig cunts like him will never back down. Even when they are bang to rights in the wrong.
  5. Off to the cricket ground to sort this out once and for all...
  6. I have fancied the Bills for a wee while. If the Chiefs are minus Mahones then the Bills are Super Bowl bound. I'm recording The Saints v Bucs game will watch tomorrow. Hill out for Saints could be huge.. Imagine if Brady can get another Championship and goes back to another Super Bowl... Wow.
  7. City just starting to look like they were 2 seasons ago again. With a decent run of games in the run up to Liverpool at home early February.
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