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  1. My only regret is that I cant be with my boys, that would have just topped the day off
  2. I don't post anything really, I read other posts and and visit this site most days,i have shares and watch every game I can, I am not the youngest fan and for a while I did wonder whether I would ever see this day again and that hurt to the bone, but today I have opened and finished the champagne I had put aside and all I can say is Thank You
  3. "If celtic were playing in my back garden I'd close the curtains"
  4. Any bears know where to watch game in last palmas
  5. What do bears think the opposition will do this year, sit in and park the bus or try and play football,i personally think many of them won't have a clue what is their best option
  6. It was this afternoon in beer cellar, they were in great form
  7. What reaction do bears think there would be today if we started a scott allan chant and the salt and saucers started booing, would it be worth it to seeing them going mental !!
  8. thats another two pieces of the jigsaw complete!! Thats another 2 pieces of the jigsaw complete
  9. he should never have pulled on a blue shirt again after he was found out betting against rangers, should have been sacked on the spot!!
  10. we were there in november,don't think that pub still exists
  11. i tried since xmas to get odds for us to get promotion , couldn't get anywhere with any of the major bookies
  12. to turn this squad around for the last games of this season, we need a massive presence as a manager, there aren't many around who would kick the lethargy out of these players, but would they do it??
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