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  1. I'm sour too about Jack being out. Reckon we'd have made the Europa quarters with him. However, those thinking he's not worth keeping are mad. With Kamara one of our more likely sales this summer, we need more quality midfielders not less...
  2. One of the few who insisted we were paid when he left, was he not?
  3. It's easier in most leagues because you only have to play each big club twice. Here, it's us and them 4 times each, so for any other club to win the league they'd have to be very very lucky and rely on 8 off days from the big clubs. For example, if you had to double the amount of games against Real and Barca that Athletico had to play, they'd never have a chance.
  4. I think it decreases the number of qualifiers we have to deal with, and therefore we have a bigger chance of making that big pot of CL money every year. There's always a danger of one bad game knocking us out of the CL at the qualifying stage. Automatic qualification as well, is vital.
  5. They are a really, really good side who could easily make the later stages themselves. Buuuut they are at the level of a Benfica, who couldn't beat us. And seeing how our attack was last night I'm sure we'll score plenty home and away. It's really down to our defense and our injury situation
  6. There's no way they won't block George Square off the day we win the title. Although I will stay indoors to shield, Ibrox may be a better shout for those who don't need to
  7. We wanted consistency... That's been a consistently awful referee performance from kickoff
  8. I made an account here because I couldn't handle FollowFollow anymore, just way too political. Don't want to scroll through rants about the Scottish Government and randomly bringing up race or whatever before I actually get to the football.
  9. Hey guys, wondering if anyone can give me some clarity on how MyGers works. Is there anywhere someone can see their position in the queue, and how exactly it helps when season ticket sales go up? I've just signed up. Not had a season ticket since I was quite a bit younger but would like to go again now that I can afford to! I presume that it will take years - but no real idea. You have to spend loads to get up the waiting list and stuff I gather from this? Thanks for any knowledge bears
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