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  1. Same here. They'll fuck up qualifying yet again. Even though they are pure a "champions league club"
  2. Can't help myself. I know I should know better after the last few years but I am enjoying this season immensely
  3. He "supports" the right club then.
  4. I know where you are coming from bud, we have all suffered over the last decade. But just think about this. They have dropped the same amount of points since we last played as we have all season
  5. Fair point, been waiting 9 and a half years though
  6. Mate......... It's coming home
  7. A mate of mine passed away about 5 years ago in his mid forties. A bigger, more passionate Rangers fan you could never have met. I sincerely hope he is looking down on us this season with a massive smile on his face.
  8. A thing of beauty. Absolutely timeless. There are many modern football stadiums that look impressive/futuristic but they are completely soulless. Our beautiful stadium is like no other in world football.
  9. Saw last 30 mins. They are atrocious man Pure embarrassing result....................for Livingston.
  10. Exactly. To people saying he should be isolating I say ssshhhhhhhh, he's fine.
  11. They are the gift that keeps on giving. Embarrassing. Hopefully another 4 months of this still to come, making a cunt of it on a daily basis The meltdown when we secure 55 will be way more epic than any of us could possibly have imagined.
  12. That part sums them up. People were dying including our amazing NHS staff and all they cared about was 9* Utterly shameless man.
  13. Even when supposedly making an apology for making a cunt of it they still can't help themselves from playing the victim card. Saying they have been affected more than any other club is just breathtaking. Utterly breathtaking. He must be losing his shit, surely.
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