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  1. We didn't have to in order to pump them in their own midden.........again Didn't get out of second gear, Kamara could have wore his slippers and still bossed their midfield. Sweeties aff a wean it was. Glorious.
  2. Just showed this to my daughter and said it's obviously a photo shop. But having said that
  3. So what he's saying is, septic go several points behind Rangers for the first time in almost a decade and despite them cunts winning fuck knows how many domestic trophies in a row...........suddenly all the refs are Masons again?
  4. RS4_wul


    Just missing a get it right up yeez at the end
  5. RS4_wul


    This time next year hopefully.
  6. The man's a class act, period.
  7. I'd have bitten your hand off for 2-0 v them pre match and after our exertions of last couple of weeks I'm well happy. But fuck me they would get football ball stopped, my eyes were bleeding watching that. 6 clear of them and counting though, happy days
  8. He wasn't as there would still be another 3 games v them. Providing league finishes that is.
  9. Why did tyldesley say our league destiny is back in our own hands after last week? It's never been out of our hands once.
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