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  1. His left foot was pure footballing porn. Outrageously talented footballer.
  2. hartson reckons they will win lots and lots of games.......aye, against Dundee, st mirren and the other shite in our league
  3. He couldn't hit a coo on the arse with bango. Honking miss.
  4. As many have said on here you can only poke a bear so many times before it retaliates. We are all sick of the constant demonization of our club and support by our many haters in this country. Sick of the hypocrisy, double standards and selectarianism. I think we are all at the point where we say fuck this, enough is enough. Personally I think it's tragic that there are people that trawl all over social media actively looking for something to get offended by and then grass someone up. But the attacks on our club are practically a daily occurrence now........ especially after we pump them on the pitch. Time to fight fire with fire, get tore into the cunts. If the latest agenda against us actually backfires and unites us as a support then hell fucking mend them. Not the best at getting my point across, know what I want to say but can't always put it into words, if that makes sense I will be subscribing to H + H tonight.
  5. Didn't need him....they are absolutely gash Beautiful Sunday on Spotify for 3rd time in last 2 hours, the Mrs is starting to give me looks
  6. It was sectarian paper tbf. Pray for joe hart. Fucking loon balls
  7. Got sportsound on. Fuck knows what game, but the hosts sound like they are at wake
  8. Just this minute remembered I had 20 quid on us at 2/1 ....... happy days
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