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  1. It has nothing to do with the colour of our jersey. A hack coined the phrase light blues because our players were quick and nimble on their feet. Think it was way back in the 30's or something. Ages ago anyway.
  2. Heard an Australian football pundit on radio shortbread this morning who said he's one of the top ten coaches in world football and also after man city had played against one of his teams Pep walked up to him after the game and said "I dream of playing the football you do" FFS
  3. Yes, but the guy thumb was convicted of racially abusing wasn't an Irish catholic, so it doesn't count
  4. They're not even the greatest fans in Glasgow
  5. I am Cooper, Mccoist, Laudrup, Alfie. And multiple others inbetween. Next season? Who knows. Just too young to remember Stein, although I had a Colin Stein inflatable when I was about 7.
  6. Was absolutely sound until I saw Tav stepping up to claim his medal. In bits now. Many deserve this moment, but none more so then our captain. Enjoy every single second bears.
  7. This season wasn't too bad to be fair. I have no words
  8. Also the European cup too. Never gets mentioned though. Papped oot in the first round
  9. They are universal champions at victimhood..........multiple domestic trophies in a row.........one title for us and all the refs/sfa/spfl are suddenly all Mason's
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