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  1. I remember mjalby spouting the same pish in the papers leading up to an old firm game at Ibrox after we had already won the league in April FFS. Saying they were a better team than us. We pumped them 4-0 I'd take that in the upcoming Scottish cup game tbh.
  2. They should be so much better than they are. Obviously nowhere near Arsen Wenger good Arsenal, but honestly, they are brutal. Some of the simplest 5 yard passes and defensive clearances that they fucked up tonight FFS Not to mention they couldn't score in a barrel of fannies.
  3. It's a competition organised by the sfa. I wouldn't rule anything out
  4. Wish they would hurry up and decide if this game is the Saturday or the Sunday. Need to book the day off work. Anyone heard when it is yet?
  5. I'm almost certain (my memory is pish though) that Ally named his son Argyll for that reason.
  6. Cheers for posting that bud, happy memories. Still don't remember the og though. Was a peach tbf
  7. Was in the "home" end that day. I remember Durrant's and Ally's goals that day but have no recollection of big bambi's og.
  8. Only an excuse labelled him the only player in Scottish football that can control the ball with both shins They weren't wrong. Edit: I was raging when we signed him back from hearts in 92? Tbf though he was immense during our 92/93 champions league run........as was the rest of our squad.
  9. Remember that pen well. Outrageous decision Our other game there that season we had an onside goal disallowed to go 3 nil up. Yet houston was "seething" when we scored a late winner at Ibrox from a soft free kick that same season
  10. I 100% agree with you on that one bud, but FFS it was as blatant a dive as you are ever likely to see It's so bad, it's actually embarrassing. And not the least bit surprising there has been no outrage in the media about it. Wee Alfredo gets lambasted from every cunt if he does one of those, never mind 2 in the same game.
  11. "Not a dive" FFS Must have been a sniper then. That is worse than I remember from yesterday. Fuck me, he should have been off for his second blatant dive of the game. Morelos gets ripped to shreds in the media for one of those, never mind 2 in the same game.
  12. Ref definitely shat it at his second dive, should have been off. It's barely been mentioned in the media, if it all. Sportscene glossed over it anyway. Imagine the outrage if it had been the wee man FFS
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