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  1. Just heard TLB calling out Walker at his presser, Walker called it a jolly and Lennon is furious, wants an apology. Wasn’t it Lennon that said it was a bit of R&R, I call that a jolly. The in fighting just got to another level😂
  2. There are teams I would expect to drop points to, M’well ain’t one I’m afraid, need to find our form.
  3. I hope your right (probably are right) but stranger this have happened, we collapsed last season 3 points today and I’d have been celebrating 55
  4. And these games should be bankers, I’m not trying to play down what we’ve achieved just pointing out that we need to up our game, finish like champions hopefully not stutter over the line, we have lost form
  5. I believe they were 3rd in the league last season, a decent team, where are they now?
  6. It was M’well mate, we should be beating them bounce or no bounce with a new manager.
  7. Good to be staunch but anyone who doesn’t think our form has dipped since the turn of the year needs to take the blue glasses off. Hopefully it’s not the same as last season, we’re still on track for 55 but we need to improve, it all depends on how we handle the OF game(s) we were lucky to get a result the last time.
  8. If we get results in Europe it will boost our confidence, we were doing well in Europe and the league but if we get embarrassed and maybe injuries it could fuck up our league games. Money is important but 55 is the holy grail.
  9. Europe could make or break us, I’d rather we weren’t in it atm.
  10. Too many have lost form, Alfie gone off the boil again, time to give them a rest.
  11. Aye looks like we’d have been better selling him, another player that needs to find his form
  12. Our biggest problem atm is letting the opposition score first, we find it too hard to break down a well disciplined defence.
  13. What is it with our form when we hit the New Year, it just seems to slump.
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