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  1. Said he didn’t want a state funeral or a lying in state, total respect to the man RIP sir.
  2. That sounds too good to be true but here’s hoping, it would be a massive embarrassment
  3. Howe has said his ambition was always to manage an Irish club.
  4. Wonderful if Broonaldo helps sheep to 2nd and push the scum into 3rd place
  5. I prefer it when we rip the pish on Rangers forums, not directly on Twitter.
  6. That’s why he got the offer, as long as he hates Rangers he’s good enough.
  7. Would be embarrassing if Keane knocked them back. And Glorious if he accepts, Gerrard will be right up for the fight.
  8. She admitted on radio that’s she’s never been oot the hoose since the start of lockdown, so how would she know 😂
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