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  1. Excellent result. Interesting with the cards. Red for Russell ended up with just the same impact on the game as the French guy’s yellow. Presumably there will be a bit of pain down the line for Russell, on the night it balanced out nicely for Scotland.
  2. Unbeaten run goes on. Alfredo off the mark. Hopefully no new injuries.
  3. Good change (as long as he’s fit). May bring a bit more balance.
  4. Indeed mate! Good that we were able to take full advantage👍
  5. Curse of the needless corner strikes again😂😂😂
  6. Win for them & the ‘blip’ is over & they’re ‘on the road to recovery’. True or not, it plays well with them. But it’s pleasant to know that win, lose or draw, we’re still CHAMPIONS!!!!!
  7. May be a tighter race than this time. The players have run themselves into the ground to make this happen & injuries to the likes of Tav, Jack & the Kung Fu Kid that are taking longer torecover from than expected are part of the price that’s been paid. I suspect that several may take a while to hit their levels next term, so recruitment over the summer is vital, to build on a strong position. Tarriers will be doing so from a position of weakness & I think next season will be decided by who recruits best & who’s new arrivals settle quickest.
  8. Every time I’ve felt relaxed about one, we’ve got humped. However, it is nice to go in to it knowing that it has no bearing on the outcome of the title race, better still that there are 2 games left v them that matter little, other than for us to rub it in or for them to regain a bit of (hopefully false) confidence. I’d qualify the ‘matter little’ in that I’m really hoping we can go the full league season unbeaten, so they’re must wins for me.
  9. Yup - been a great run. Bridge too far, in the end. Shame to lose at home - was hoping we’d go a full season unbeaten there.
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