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  1. Desperately sad news. Thoughts are with his family and the Rangers family.
  2. I’ll stick to what I’ve said before - if the full backs aren’t creating, then we aren’t creating much. There doesn’t appear to be an obvious plan ‘b’, nor anybody who, on a regular basis, can create anything for themselves.
  3. Hysterical from Turnbull in build up to the first!!
  4. If in a sense of ‘splitting your sides with laughter’, well, yes!!!!
  5. Yet another poor night for the coefficient, but great to see the tramps winning hands down in the race to the bottom! Will Ange get to the weekend?
  6. Historically he’s not always been great in that area.
  7. True - but we’re at a stage where we only need to get lucky once to get a decent result. But we are forced to wonder where that’s coming from…👍
  8. The gap for that through ball… Not the first time, either!
  9. Sakala needs to watch this hanging around on the goalline from corners
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