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  1. 2 angles. 2 completely different perspectives for me. Front on - couldn’t see any contact, from behind, looked like he really caught him. Really hard to tell - May have been on the way down already when the contact happened, which is why it seemed softer from the front. Who’d be a ref??
  2. Stonewaller from behind, looked like a dive from the front. Not wishing to exonerate refs when I don’t have to, but it really does depend what angle you see incidents from.
  3. You’d think. As I posted somewhere else, I’m amazed how poor everybody’s else’s strikers are & as a result, we haven’t been tested as much as we might have - obviously Leverkusen were much more clinical than what we’d come up against before. Weirdly, I didn’t think their general play was much better than ours, but when they struck, it counted! Bit like we’re doing to others.
  4. With a pretty tortuous route on for the runners up, but fair point👍
  5. I suppose you sign your keeper to keep em out & you sign your forwards to stick em away. Bit topsy turvy when 3 of your 4 goals come from the back 4.....
  6. I also think teams underestimate us, get carried away when they’re on top, forget that we DO have a bit of quality and allow us to hit them on the break. Can think of half a dozen goals we’ve scored from lightning breaks against the better end, too, like Kent in Braga, Alfredo in Porto, the goals in Villareal, etc. As I say, we have a bit of quality & you can’t afford to take your eye off us.
  7. The really rotten thing (for me, at least) is that, in any normal circumstance, a good bit of Euro progress would be a fine thing, even if it meant we didn’t do so well domestically, but would still provide a welcome & enjoyable distraction. By normal, I mean playing in almost any league anywhere else, or if the vermin were only on 3 in a row. The money’s great, but so would be a shot at the Champions league cash, if we could ever win the league. I don’t think we’re strong enough to compete on 4 fronts - in the main, even the best Rangers teams haven’t been. But we’re g
  8. Yes mate - posted further down that I appreciate that - as long as it’s spent wisely.....
  9. Depends if your priorities are becoming a European mini-power or stopping your fiercest rivals setting a record that will blight your lifetime for years, or in some cases, forever. I’m in the latter camp &, while I get the money implications of Europe, it’s no use if it’s spent badly and if it means the team doesn’t have it in them to compete in their main event.
  10. Anyway, 4-0 away at any Dutch team must be better than a last minute winner against any Latvian mob, so well done for that👏👏👏
  11. I’m still waiting for the open top bus parade for reaching the last 16. In the 2nd tier comp. ’Brilliant’ - catch a grip. I will agree it’s a great result tonight.
  12. Europe’s a free hit, so no real pressure, apart from the obvious of not getting knocked out by somebody totally diddy. When loads of people regard it as success when you reach the last 16, then there’s no real jeopardy for failing &, well, nobody expected us to win it, anyway, so last 16 is fine, yes? Compared to when the players are actually expected to DO something & win things. That’s when the lead boots come on.
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