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  1. HG5


    That’s a really good observation. Not quite taking into account the fact that he usually nullifies us when we’ve got the ball!🙈 Made a good tackle though👍
  2. Yes. Bearing in mind it was last year’s team that won yesterday, we know they don’t always respond well to expectation. Also, this could change from week to week as the season develops. The tramps have made all the headlines re COVID so far. It would be great, but probably impractical, to think that we aren’t going to have issues at some point, with who knows what impact. Even travelling to their midden might have put us at huge risk - we can’t afford to get carried away. Apart from having a right good laugh & time at their expense this weekend, of course!!
  3. HG5


    Or being the man most likely to fall over the ball, when 20 yards clear of the nearest defender!😂
  4. ‘Forced to play a weakened side... Devalues the competition.... Let’s call the whole thing off.... Not enough games to count as completed.... Start from scratch next year... I’ll get Peter to ring someone....’
  5. There must have been another, but that’s the easiest ride I can remember at that dump!
  6. Well done Goldson for MoM. A tale of 2 former Brighton CB’s. Only one winner!!
  7. Bearing in mind all the talk about set pieces beforehand, they look a bag of nerves - keeper in particular - he likes to come out then go back. Recipe for disaster for them..
  8. Did put in one good tackle, tbf, but I agree - hasn’t really stretched them at all.
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