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  1. Not had time to watch but wouldn’t surprise me if they’re spinning it to make him look good.
  2. I think it’s the cumulative effect of doing so well before Xmas, as much as anything, mate. I agree with you completely about missing Jack & Arfield & Kent & Aribo not doing it👍
  3. Think some tanks are emptying now. At least this time, we aren’t getting beaten in these games where we aren’t at 100%
  4. Actually move towards the halfway line, giving them a gap to exploit!🙈
  5. Too much competition for that award I’m afraid mate, but he’s in the mix👍
  6. Kamara’s floating about like a man in a trance in the build up to the goal.
  7. Only listened to half of that, but they seemed relatively sensible & considered callers (obv taking into account that they’re what they are). They’re obviously hurting big time! Be interesting to see who might buy Desmond out!
  8. They’ve been away already - that went well😂
  9. Aye - it seems nobody wants to claim that 2nd spot...
  10. Phew - thought time had stood still there! Their jaunt has arguably cost them 4 points now! Hope Livi can do something against the change team in midweek!
  11. Sounds like Livi are still giving it a go. Just as long as they don’t get carried away & get slack at the back.
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