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Utter Pish


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The lack of composure in that rangers side is a fucking disgrace. 29mins to get level and we are punting it up the park. After going 1-0 down at Ibrox youd think theyd learn. playing into celtics hands as per.

Why take off our main threats in Miller and Lafferty ?

The options on the bench? Dailly?

thought the defence done well until going behind.

Gave at least 5-6 stupid free kicks away in areas where nakamura can be lethal.

Mendes was inaffective.

And Boyd, he is utter garbage.

I will be surprised if Celtic dont win the league

Better players, better tactics, better management( :anguish: )

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Can't really disagree much, our options on the bench were shocking, why the fuck was daily there,was does he offer, we needed some creation to bring on, but typically nothing.

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Not clutching at straws but fucking 1-0 down in the last min of cup final. Ball goes out for a t*** injured and we give them the fucking ball back in the last 3rd of the park. Fuck me!!! They bastards wouldn't even give us the ball back when we knocked it out half way through the game!!!!

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Fucking disgrace

Where the fuck were Aaron and fleck, why the fuck is dailly anywhere near this squad, why the fuck do you take of Lafferty who was having his best game since joining us... Why is Edu not starting instead of McCulloch.... FUCKING DISGRACE

I am so fucking angry with Walter Smith... and make no mistake that was his team out there today not McCoists

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no cutting edge. scared to have a dig.

No confidence in their own ability at times.

Crap rangers


Be Gone !

Take Boyd and rest of them with you

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