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  1. after reading the comments about Green on the Blades Forums I am pretty depressed about the prospect
  2. he certainly doesn't and no wonder...he shouldn't even need to argue for funds its flippin obvious we desperately need another striker
  3. well we managed to win games already without Jela so we have proven we can do it I reckon Davis, Edu and Aluko will chip in and maybe Merv as well and of course our one and only striker will bag a few too With no target man we will pass the ball around more instead of the big punt up the field...only wish we had kept Fleck on for the rest of the season instead of lending him out :mervan: :Davis: :Healy: :Aluko: :Edu:
  4. can't say we are missing Whittaker's 'defending' skills... he has been a bombscare at the back...he should move up a slot to midfield...he is better going forwards
  5. Zumba has to be the way forward for us great pic of the redhill lads...lol Redhill FC players learn Zumba to improve games .Wednesday, October 05, 2011 Surrey Mirror Follow.FOOTBALLERS are taking up zumba to help themselves improve on the pitch. Redhill Football Club manager Simon Colbran has arranged for his players to swap studded boots for lycra and experiment with a zumba fitness dance class given by their physiotherapist. http://www.thisissurreytoday.co.uk/Redhill-FC-players-learn-Zumba-improve-games/story-13437931-detail/story.html
  6. I wondered what it was Well Spurs do Pilates Anyways we chucked away the points and gifted them the lead...nothing to do with yoga! Goalkeeper Fraser Forster has attributed his fine form in Celtic's 11-match winning SPL streak to yoga. Celtic have claimed 11 Clydesdale Bank Premier League wins on the bounce in a run that stretches back to November. Forster, who is on loan from Newcastle for a second successive season, made a crucial penalty save in December's win over Hearts as part of the run and believes he is benefiting from goalkeeper coach Steve Woods' penchant for yoga. Forster said on
  7. Everton are also after Rhodes according to a report in the Mirror yesterday...no way we or Celtic will get him
  8. no Whittaker Broadfoot,Jela, Lafferty , Mc Culloch interesting how a forced change opens up new hope and possiblities and I hope Ally takes note
  9. 1622: "Since he has come on, he has been different class. He wants to get on the ball time and time again." BBC Scotland football pundit Billy Dodds is impressed by Rangers attacker John Fleck
  10. on todays performance Ally had better keep Fleck in the team
  11. no Lee , Jela and Lafferty ...the forced change has brought us a breath of fresh air
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