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  1. well we are having sausages out of Waitroses tonight ....after years of Asda shopping it was a shock to the system but we had to try the ones voted best in the Daily Mail
  2. ME ME ME ME true its kind of unusual but it was they they they when they lost
  3. never seen their place looking so empty their board have engineered a disaster
  4. McGeady's attitude was unbelievable considering his dire performance
  5. the upraised arms and feigned saintly expression when he scored has been highly annoying.... they needed him to score against us when they could have turned things around in the title chase and against the Staggies on Saturday to ensure passage to the final but?....well there was the dodgy penalty against Hibs I suppose
  6. I get the STV news in my E Mail and 9 times out of ten its a Keane headline.....well we started with getting Celtic back to the top of the League, moved onto winning the Cup for Celtic and now its “I've been in a lose-lose situation since I arrived at Celtic,” aw what a shame Robbie Robbie Keane believes he has been on a hiding to nothing since signing for Celtic in the winter transfer window because of his huge salary to play for the SPL club. Keane arrived from Tottenham Hotspur on February 1 and was immediately identified as the player who would shoot his new team to league and cup succes
  7. I have never known a manager chuck 6 strikers on the park and stick their best winger into a Left wing back position all coz he believes in attacking football no matter what ...attacking football does not mean fielding 6 strikers beginning to think it really is Agent Mowbray over there!
  8. well theres no point right now as even a new manager can't do much at the moment ...I imagine they will let the season trundle out and move on from there....they paid quite a lot to get Mopes and to boot him out now will cost them quite a lot as well in compensation
  9. don't know how to react...really beggars belief....they never lose a game its always the establishment 'We all know how the system works in this despicable little country. If we we were offered the chance to replace Chester in the conference next season - would you take it? As Davie Hay said in 1986 after the Skol Cup Final - our application should be in the post on Monday morning.' loads answer aye and 'I think we're now at the stage were we have to collate a few seasons worth of evidence and officially complain to the SFA. When they invariably ignore us then it's onto UEFA. Getting any sort
  10. even if you beat them 10-0 with 10 men it would be the refs fault
  11. I think poor old Mopes is a bit miffed at having Keane foisted on him he is forced to play him due to what the board are forking out for his wages last week he said Fortune is his number one striker this week he is praising Kamara to the hilt.
  12. well I dont think Keane was Mopes idea so he will be plugging his own signing
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