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Player positions


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Players natural positions before walter got to them

lb s smith

central defence bougherra, broadfoot, webster, weir, papac, dailly

rb whittaker

right midfiled

central midfied ferguson, davis, thomson, edu, mendes, adam, hemdani

lm aaron, beasley, mcculloch

cf, boyd, novo, miller, lafferty, naismith, velicka, fleck

now i know manager can shift teams about and players can play a number of positions but what the fuck, the squad is so lopsided that he has to play 4-5 players in many games out of position.

he continues to play broadfoot and papac at fullbacks, they are fucking useless going forward, they are not modern day fullbacks.

davis is not right sided wide play, never once see him beat a player get to the byeline and whip a cross in, he always cuts in by 10-15 yards or plays the diagnol, 30 yards from the byeline. that is no use in a 4-5-1 especially with not fullbacks overlapping.

mendes and ferguson are the exact same player and cant play together, when ferguson was out mendes played better, when mendes was out ferguson was better, walter choose 1, not both.

pay 2.7 million for edu a defensive midfielder and what, you play two makeshifts in mculloch and then dailly in front on him

walter left midfield choose one and stop dicking about. You have two choices, beasley or aaron, not fleck, novo, or laffetry

I was going to mention the front pair but does it really matter, the team is crap that the front two are starved of service anyway which then think about why play boyd if these no service to him, oh and what about velicka, last time i saw him in the first team he scored but then dropped(just an observation). You insist that naismith and fleck centre forwards, never seen them play there in the first team yet and only lafferty 2-3 times.

now tactics in substitions, cup final, utilty defensive player dailly(cant remember the last time he played), edu no problem there(if only he got used), novo(6 weeks out), boyd(lazy and attitude problem and needs service). I have yet to see boyd come on, and change a match our way.

better bets could have been naismith( 2 in the last reserve game), aaron/fleck a bit of creative flair if played right, still have edu, or even velicka (done more than boyd agaisnt celtic)

By the way Walter grow a set. mendes, davis or ferguson are having a crap game sub them, they are not untouchable, instead of always starting with left midfiled of the front two. Most games are won in the middle of the park and if the two cm are not doing anything change that especially since everything that we do goes through the middle anyway.

rant over, thanks for reading

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ive said it before and i wont say it again there are players in that rangers squad who should be nowhere near a fucking rangers team! im getting fucking angrier by the day at walter smith he is a fucking muppet he better be for the chop in the summer or i will lose the fucking heid!!!!!! and as far as dailly goes aw aye walter he`s gonna change a game right enough TIT!

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