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  1. Pics today have Rossiter and Dorrans both in training
  2. I never intended this to be a Murty slagging thread, a bit naive to be honest. I'm looking more at what Kirkwood has done, I think everyone would agree done a decent job with the youths. i would assume there will have to be a revamp of the youths to accommodate Murty, I Just don't know how as both the 21s 18s doing so well.
  3. I know the board like Murty as a person and has stepped up to the plate twice, but how are the going to manage this cluserfuck. The 21s team seem like they are better and developing more under Kirkwood than they did Murty, probably will have more respect for Kirkwood aswell. Will Kirkwood have to step a side for Murty or will they work together. The youth department have come on since Mulholland took over, hope he chooses what's right for the future progress of our youngsters.
  4. broxi51


    Still doesn't answer the question, who would you realistically keep before those 2 or 3 or would you realistically replace everyone
  5. broxi51


    What hype, some of us see with a bit of luck and hardwork these 2 youngsters could have a good future with us. I haven't seen anyone comparing them to Kante for fuck sake or De Bruyne. We all know one needs to work on his first touch and the other needs to get run of games without getting injured. I'd rather keep those 2 and Morelos , same age and attributes but need works than the rest of the squad. I will say this again we can't get rid of every player. Can you name any of the squad you would keep before them.
  6. broxi51


    Who said superstars, if you think they 3 are shit fair enough, I on the other hand can see two young guys in rossiter and mcrorie that have qualities that Gerrard can harness. They have fight, drive, and attitude and won't be bullied something that is missing from the vast majority of our squad. I'm not so keen on Jack but I think he can do a job at rb and cdm.
  7. broxi51


    I'm not saying there perfect but we need to spend wisely, but a new back 4 is a must. The three of them have not even played together yet you are righting them off. You're living in fantasy land if we can replace the whole squad. I would get a new midfielder in but an attacking one. i would like us to get rid most of them but is might take a couple of seasons to do so, and the defence has to be sorted first. WE have defenders than can't defend
  8. broxi51


    I like Tav, does some really good things in games, but the way he lets a man get to the bye line so easy is criminal. He did exactly the same in the old firm game.
  9. broxi51


    We know we have been week in midfield but mcrorie when played there has been a positive and rossiter has potential, if fit can be too. We have three players who could do a job with those 2, with Jack also an option. We have been very unlucky that not one of them has been available all season let alone 2. We don't have a limitless pot of money and I would rather spend it on the defence than replacing those 3. I'd rather be realistic instead of talking like shite that we can replace the lot of them.
  10. broxi51


    Rossiter and McCrorie in midfield for me and spend the money on our defence, shockingly bad
  11. broxi51


    Can’t let K.A.I in this thread, he will just put a downer on it. Played well considering his first team game since August
  12. Our systems to allow the whole front 3 needs changing, I would play candelas and Murphy to play a further 10'yards forward and 10 yards more in field when in possession, closer to Morelos. We rely to much on Morelos winning the first ball and holding it until support comes, but there too far apart to win any second balls or Morelos to feed quicks balls to supporting players. Our fullbacks are more than capable of bringing the width. You often see on both sides of the pitch, our fullbacks and widemen within 2 yards of each other doing slow one twos. I think then you might see the
  13. I'm sure Tav was marking Berra, took his eye off Berra just before to tell a teammate to pick up another hearts player.
  14. I personally would like Cardosa over Martin in the team but it would be unfair to do that to him again. You can't expect the boy to be thrown into a big game after not getting a chance for weeks. Ends of him taking the flak for any little mistake.. I'm sure Martin bottled it a bit from the Lafferty effort, a big centre hamlf shouldn't do that
  15. They all played together in the Ayr game, all scoring goals,with us scoring 6 that game. I thought they all played really well with them all interchanging and linking up, looked really fluid. This was during the purple patch we were on. I know the opposition weren't up to much but we looked far more balanced than we are now with Morelos totally isolated upfront on his own. I'm just wondering why Murty never tried it again, and fed up reading how Cummings and Morelos couldn't play together.
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