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Lightning Strike Leaves Footballer In Coma

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A Danish footballer is in a coma after being struck by lightning during a match in Copenhagen.

Jonathan Richter, a 24-year-old midfielder for FC Nordsjaelland, was hit by the bolt during a non-league match against FC Hvidovre on Monday.

Doctors have since placed the player in an induced coma.

Nordsjaelland spokesman Christian Wolny said: "He is on a respirator and has been cooled down to increase his chances.

"When the doctors think it is the right time, they will increase his temperature to normal body temperature and see if they can wake him up."

Police spokesman Brian Munch told the Ekstra Bladet newspaper that Richter may have been hit in the chest or head by the strike.

The bolt also knocked five or six nearby players to the ground, Mr Munch was quoted as saying.

Horrified teammates - including Richter's twin brother Simon - looked on as Nordsjaelland's medic tried to resuscitate the player, The Copenhagen Post Online said.

"He's in critical condition and his relatives are with him," Mr Munch added.

Players from both teams have been offered crisis counselling, the Post went on.

Nordsjaelland's regular squad training was cancelled on Tuesday ahead of the team's Sunday game against Aalborg.

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