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  1. Been deleted now. What was it this time?!
  2. It’s the same most weeks and he will continue to do it for as long as he’s let off with it.
  3. Deadline day to see if Brown is cited for elbow in Aberdeen match......won’t hold my breath. What’s this now....third or fourth elbow in last few months? Most protected player in the league.
  4. Agreed. We have been poor this half but I really don’t care as we are 2-0 up and that’s all that matters. Hard week and done brilliant.
  5. He has done well since he joined. Unlucky not to have more playing time. Especially with how poor Morelos has been.
  6. Absolutely but no issue there. 5 subs over 3 “sub windows”
  7. Jones can use his pace here to create a third for Itten.........
  8. Look on the positive side lads. We were playing boring football while 2-0 up. Last season we would be doing that at 0-0.
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