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  1. Not very often I get these days due to travel but I don’t tend to have anything at all. Rather enjoy the game like you said. Can always go somewhere after.
  2. Any more than a couple and you need to spend the whole game running for a piss!
  3. Yasss. Friendly maybe but what a brilliant performance. Well done lads.
  4. Gollum hoping for an equaliser? Don’t normally play injury time in friendlies
  5. If Clarke has the balls to drop his best mate. Will still be better than them, just might not play.
  6. Jones should counter when they push up. Let’s see what he can offer, there’s a player in there somewhere, just not convinced he wants to come out.
  7. Absolutely!! Still won’t stop the paranoia though. Just wait for it. Hahaha. Love it.
  8. Wait for the “refs helping the H***” Yassssss 2-1
  9. Not watching the game but seen McCann talk about the game at half time. Uh huh
  10. Would mean a change of system So can’t see it. However I think the two would make a great partnership. Morelos is terrific at dropping back and someone of Sakalas pace would be a great partner
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