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does anyone play this game

few people i know from my online manager game are playing this, and apparently its better than manager games as you can be either a player, manager or journalist

and you have to work on your attributes 5 days from 7 in training and take part in team training once a week

plus actual games you have to take part in apparently

i just signed up to see how this is

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Any good?

YES!! Well actually it's still quite early to tell if it'll be a good game in the long run, but the signs are positive in my opinion. Needs more Scottish players and teams to really improve it though. Rather than say it all again, i'll just copy and paste from a thread i made in the Games forum:

Alright folks check out this online footy game, it's good for a laugh but the Scottish league has only just been started and is desperately in need of more players. You can create and control either a player, manager or even a journalist, with every character controlled by other real-life users.

Most of the game is made up of footballers, and this is what I'd recommend starting with if you're swaying between that and manager. Most of the managers in the game seem to have had some experience as a player first, and have built up a bit of knowledge about the game which they can use to guide the new players in their team. Obviously if you want to start as a manager anyway, start as a manager! Learn as you go!

If you create a player, defenders are in the highest demand so might be an idea to go for that position if you're not sure, though obviously every position is required! Basically you can train you're player once a day (only takes about 30secs) to improve your attributes, and matches are played on Monday and Thursday nights kick-off 9pm and lasting about an hour. The matches themselves are turn-based in a 2D environment, with a chat box for communication with your team-mates.

If you do sign up I would ask you to reject any contract offers you receive from foreign teams should you happen to receive them while still a free agent. The Scottish league currently has just 2 teams (and another 10 currently controlled by AI bots but these will be replaced by the new human-controlled teams as they are created), and in order for a new team to be created there requires to be Scottish players in the following positions who are new to the game (ie haven't been contracted to any other club, and hence the plea to bide your time til enough players are created to start a new Scottish club rather than joining a foreign one):

1 x Golakeeper

4 x Defenders

5 x Midfielders

3 x Strikers

Team 3 is just a couple of defenders away from being created so hopefully shouldn't be long! Will be great when more of the league is made up of real-life players, and obviously the more Rangers fans in there the better!

My own player in the game is Andy Xaviesta playing for Bannockburn Thistle, if you want any help or more info feel free to pm me there or here.

Oh, and here's a few links: one to the website itself; one to the forum; and one to a quick youtube tutorial on how the matches are played.



Check it out - even if you sign up then decide it's not for you, you'll still have helped get another Scottish team up and running!

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