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  1. He's had problems in the past with medicals - its his heart I think, his medical at Marseilles indicated cardiac issues, but he was eventually cleared to play. Does anyone know that if a player fails his medical, he cant be insured by his club? If that's true, i'd imagine that would be a big problem.
  2. For a player that has a 1 in 2 record in the premier league, that's not a bad bit of business at all, especially when they have gotten in two strikers for less than what they sold Borini for.
  3. Mamadou Sakho to arrive for medical with Liverpool today to complete a 17M€ move. (L'Equipe) I have to say, that's a rather impressive signing for Liverpool, they seem to be sorting out their defence well, which was their big weakness last season.
  4. Would like to see Suarez win it, he's scored more goals so far and generally been much more impressive in an inferior side, he can do it all, excellent dribbling skills, scores from all angles with either left or right foot, scores direct from free kicks, shows up in the big games, if it wasn't for Suarez, Liverpool would be struggling for top half of the table, never mind competing for 5th with an outside shot of 4th now. Bale and RVP are both excellent players, game winners, RVP is probably one of the best pure strikers in the world and contributes with his fair share of assists. Bale is a fantastic winger, fast, excellent ball control and scores from range and beautiful crosses any striker would love to be on the end of. A pretty good case can be made for al three players having carried their respective clubs for large parts of the season, and propelling them further. My personal preference is for Suarez however, absolutely magnificent player.
  5. Great defender, also thought he could play on for another season too, but I think he would rather retire than end his career on the bench.
  6. Use the screens to show substitutions and team line up! It frustrates me as a deaf person that they are very inconsistent with showing names of scorers, subs and team lineup on the scoreboards.
  7. I thought the standard of play in the Bundesliga was great, some really good technical play, coupled with a very competitive league (belied a bit at the moment by Bayern being 9 clear). So the Bundesliga offers another alternative
  8. As far as i know, Queens Park own Hampden, and the SFA lease it off them for national games and offices.
  9. To absent friends. RIP. I'd like to think they are watching Rangers from heaven, and would be proud of our great club.
  10. Was a shocking thread, couldn't believe the lies were believed and repeated. The truth is out now, and its a bittersweet truth as the 96 are now on the road to justice, however, to see how far the cover up went was appalling. JFT96.
  11. They get away with everything short of murder at the piggery mate.
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