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  1. He's had problems in the past with medicals - its his heart I think, his medical at Marseilles indicated cardiac issues, but he was eventually cleared to play. Does anyone know that if a player fails his medical, he cant be insured by his club? If that's true, i'd imagine that would be a big problem.
  2. For a player that has a 1 in 2 record in the premier league, that's not a bad bit of business at all, especially when they have gotten in two strikers for less than what they sold Borini for.
  3. Mamadou Sakho to arrive for medical with Liverpool today to complete a 17M€ move. (L'Equipe) I have to say, that's a rather impressive signing for Liverpool, they seem to be sorting out their defence well, which was their big weakness last season.
  4. Watching Bayern vs Monchengladbach and they are looking very good - commentator states that they have scored in every bundesliga game so far this season, not bad
  5. Liverpool win 3-5, I think Liverpool would have won comfortably had it not been for some horror defending.
  6. I think Borinis price was Inflated because he's young and earned his first call up and a place in the Italy squad for the euros, I think if Borini scores 10-15 goals in the league then he will have been worth the outlay. Not sure if he can do that, missed a sitter against hearts and could have had a hat-trick, he gets himself in very good positions, but could be just like Suarez - poor finishing
  7. Dutch paper linking them with Huntlarr - would be a cracking signing but I think it's probably just unsubstantiated speculation, you know how papers can be. Borini was 10-11 million im sure, and I think Roma had signed him for 9 million total, so I don't think that was really overprice, he looks a good player to me, but I agree, Liverpool need a proven goalscorer, or I can't see them doing much. I think they have spent well on young, good players, like Borini, Allen, Sahin (loan) and Assaidi. It remains to be seen just how good these signings will be.
  8. Liverpool agree fee with Roma for the transfer of Fabio Borini http://www.liverpool...00252-31385026/
  9. :lol: Very good Though im not due to visit the east side of Glasgow for a while yet
  10. I got my exam results today, second year biomedical science first semester - A, B1, B1. 5 marks off a A for both of the B1 modules. I am slightly gutted I never got a clean sweep of A's. But happy cause all my friends on the same course failed a module so I should be happy with my results.
  11. aye I know most of the basic stuff, like gradually build up your levels of exercise etc, but i've never really had good levels of fitness due to the asthma, and I would like that to change, I dont have any friends who have asthma, so I thought I'd ask in here
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