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Three day's to go...


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Along with keeping everyone at the club, we must make a couple of signings, because this squad is lacking in a few positions.

I feel we are still lacking a creative edge. Someone capable of playing on the left hand side - someone with a bit of pace and ability to deliver a ball. An injury/suspension/loss of form, to Vladimir Weiss, and we are in trouble.

With Andy Webster being a complete and utter liability, and Weir struggling, IMO, we need to get in another defender. One who can play in a few positions - not Rickie Foster, who is simply not good enough.

I think if we are looking to compete in Europe, along with the league, we must get a few players in. Walter Smith and Ally McCoist talked about width all pre-season, yet we have only brought in Weiss, along with two strikers. A few injuries or suspensions, and this squad is down to the bare minimum.

I thought today's performance, along with the last two, highlighted our weaknesses - a lack of pace, creativity (at times), width and balance. Far too many players running in-field, and getting in each other's way. Bougherra is being asked to do too much at times, and other players have to take responsibility - especially in a wider position. We are still lacking a bit of quality here and there.

Will be interesting to see what happens, I just hope we can complete a couple of deals, but I'm not expecting anything.

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A left back from somewehere would be great, a loan signing just to keep Sasa on his toes. What's the story with Barazite and Kerkar?

Barazites away back to Arsenal as they only wanted him to go on loan until January and we wanted full season.

Seen Kerkar today after the game, heard he's a good player (tu)

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We need a proper LW. Someone who is left footed, can keep the width on the left and can take the ball to the by line and whip in a cross. Vladimir Weiss is much better playing on the right and even though he can play on the left he will still tend to come inside more often than not the same way Lafferty and Naismith would if they were playing there which gives us no width on the left and narrows the game.

If anyone is to come in I think it will be some loan signings to make the numbers up. I would be delighted if we got a proper LW and someone who is capable of playing CB as well as being able to play LB but it would not surprise me if someone like Ricky Foster was to come in.

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