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Good Article From Leggat Today.


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THERE exists a strange warped tradition in Scottish football that whenever Rangers win a trophy, some sort of story has to be found to rubbish the club.

Perhaps the nadir of this came when Celtic's Chris Sutton lied about Dunfermline lying down at Ibrox.

Or perhaps not.

Maybe that depth is above the one being plumbed this week by the increasingly erratic Odious Creep.

I mention his behaviour is becoming increasingly erratic based on the way he seemed hellbent on upsetting so many of his colleagues during the trip to Holland when Rangers played Eindoven.

Not to mention his strange decision to text Walter Smith and ask him to join him for a drink in the wee small hours of the morning of the match.

Fortunately the Rangers manager had his mobile switched off.

Which more or less describes relations between Creep and many of his colleagues after his Dutch shenanigans. Maybe a tad too many sherbets, Creep?

I merely ask the question, as many of his tweets seem to dwell on his fondness for the fizzy stuff. Red wine too gets many a mention.

His bizarre behaviour in Holland has been the talk of every press room I have been in over the last ten days or so, including the media centre at Hampden on Sunday, where he was spied giggling away in the background.

And so we come to this week, and the aftermath of Rangers fine and totally unexpected performance and win over Celtic in the CIS Scottish League Cup Final at Hampden.

There were plenty of talking points to linger on, particularly referee Craig Thomson's dangerous decision when, after awarding Rangers a penalty, he changed his mind after being surrounded by screaming Celtic dissidents, and gave the free kick to Celtic... and booked a Rangers player.

Can you imagine what the papers would have been full of yesterday, today, tomorrow, and on, and on, and on into the far future had such an incident taken place in the Rangers penalty area?

Let's just say more than a few rain forrests would have had to be cut down to provide the newsprint to record the Celtic bleatings, the Scottish Football Association probe into the ref, and then, possibly the sacking of the ref, or his resignation in the face of a hate campaign.

However, when something like that happens to Rangers a different set of rules apply.

Move along now. Nothing to see here. Where's the brush? Something here we want to sweep under the carpet.

In the case of Creep, he clearly appears to feel a diversion is needed. So, what better subject to lay before his dwindling readership in his increasingly flaccid organ than another rant about the Rangers songbook.

And, just in case those few deluded folk who still buy the Times of London's Scottish edition had not managed to work out what his tactic was going to be, Creep has been using his Twitter account to beg people to buy his paper and read him savage Rangers.

So what is it he hates about what Rangers supporters sing? Is there any one word which they bellow that offends him more than any other?

It appears there is, and that word is "Fenian."

However, it is not a word which seems to offend those who are called it. After all, a regular and much photographed banner unfurled by Celtic fans at Parkhead, and every other Scottish venue screams....


This is something Creep continues to ignore as it does not suit his agenda. Or perhaps the agenda of those who lurk in the shadows, pulling his strings.

Then there are the songs and chants which come from Celtic supporters, particularly at away grounds, and can be heard clearly when those matches are screened and broadcast on the wireless.

One line they bellow is about soon there being no Protestants at all.

We have all read and heard Creep proclaim his Christian credentials as a Baptist, a sect of the Reformed church.

Therefore, we must assume he is quite happy with the desire of those who roar that line, to wipe him out.... along with his fellow Baptists.

Or is it that Creep either does not wish to listen to both sides of the songbooks of hate? Or is he being told by someone, somewhere, not to?

Is it Magnus Linklater, the ageing editor of the Times of London's failing Scottish edition? Or their pal Richard Hollaway?

Perhaps Creep's flights of fancy follow a cosy conversation with his ardent admirer and good buddy, Phil MacGiollabhain.

And does former Mirror editor, now a media guru on the Guardian, Roy Greenslade have a role?

Greenslade has lavished praise on Creep. MacGiollabhain is another to attract Greenslade's approval in the Guardian media section.

Greenslade splits his time between being based in London and living in Donegal. MacGiollabhain lives in Donegal.

Creep used to work for the Guardian, while MacGiollabhain is on record as revealing how cosy his relationship is with Creep.

But let's return to Hampden and the songs and chants in support of the IRA which rose from the Celtic end.

That is the terrorist bombers of the IRA who took money from Gaddafi to pay for their indiscriminate murders of innocent woman and children.

The same Gaddafi who Britain is currently launching airstrikes against.

The same Gaddafi who was behind the shooting down of a police officer in London.

The same Gaddafi who sanctioned the biggest act of mass murder in Britain when the plane was blown out of the sky above Lockerbie.

I wonder how anyone who attended the game at Hampden, and who lost a loved one in Lockerbie, felt about the Celtic end support for a terrorist group allied to the butcher of Libya?

And how anyone who has suffered, or whose family or friends have suffered, at the bloodstained hands of the IRA murders feel about the Celtic supporters paying homage to the IRA?

Maybe though, like Creep, they just do not hear it.

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it was not the creep who wrote that article, it was his commentary.

tony evans, the editor was the one who directed the article, the OC just wrote down what he said.

but overall, great article by Leggo.

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