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  1. go compare! go compare! we are top,you are not,go compare! you are the losers,tramps and abusers! oh the paedophiles are sitting over there!!every one points to the scum. p.s sorry if its a repost my laptop has just been repaired havnt been on for a while. w.a.t.p
  2. every single bear take a bog roll to throw at them its all the pope loving t*rriers are worth w.a.t.p
  3. any 1 going down to wembley for f.a cup final and any chance of spare ticket cheers w.a.t.p
  4. haha fkn class song theres only 1 nacho novo w.a.t.p
  5. no fucking chance would i put that manky T*rrier thing near my body w.a.t.p
  6. yes just been watching him a true blue as always w.a.t.p
  7. got to agree with the post about co commentator derek ferguson was annoying as fuck didnt sound like an ex rangers player to me. maybe sour grapes because his brother isnt at ibrox anymore.
  8. yes well said again walter. no surrender w.a.t.p
  9. im not bitter but im very bigoted i hate the T*rrier scum w.a.t.p
  10. great post he was indeed a true ranger r.i.p gerry
  11. haha get it right up you ya T*rrier bastards w.a.t.p
  12. yes well done to each and every one of you we salute you. w.a.t.p
  13. 100% confident 4-1 to the glasgow rangers intae they scum bastards. p.s prepare to listen to irelands shame during the minutes silence for the great gerry neef.scum bags each and every one of them.w.a.t.p
  14. just heard from my mate who plays for stenny that mcgregor has a fractured eye socket and will be out for approx 5 weeks but dont shoot me im only passing on what i heard. w.a.t.p
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