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3-3-1-3: Rangers

D Cooper

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Okay, this is a guide on how to set up your team to play like a 3-3-1-3 in the style of Biesla's Chile side, who were undoubtedly the most entertaining team to watch at the World Cup.

First of all, the formation:


The individual position instructions need to be set like such:

Goalkeeper - Defend

Libero - Support

Two DC's: Defend

DM: Defensive Midfielder - Defend

LM/RM: Wide Midfielder - Support

AM: Advanced Playmaker - Attack

Left/Right Strikers: Inside Forward - Attack

Central Striker: Complete Forward/Advanced Forward - Attack

The key to this tactic is pressing. You need to press all over the pitch, so pacy players with high levels of stamina are a must. A fluid philosophy, with your mentality constantly on overload helps achieve this. Closing Down obviously goes to Press More, and you may wish to allow your players to roam more, however I just left this as default.Also, set your tempo as high as possible.

The forward players passing styles will automatically be set on direct, change this to short, but not too short.

Your two wide midfielders are the key to this whole formation. Set their wide play to cut inside, allowing them to drive at the defence, whilst the wingers deal with the wing play. Creative Freedom - highest possible. You need players who can cut inside with this formation for both wide midfielders and wings. If you dont have them, forget even trying this.

That's pretty much the tactical side of it. If played correctly, you will have 6/7 players at any time attacking the opposition goal. Most teams simply collapse at such an onslaught.

I'll leave the personnel selection up to you :D

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Edited the scottish league, removed rangers debt and changed league prize money

If ya want it al put it up for download.

Its epic

Whats the SPL prize money? Did you change the TV money as well? And did you change the league money for teams in the other Scottish leagues?

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The league i made is a modified version of the reshaped scottish leagues.

I added a zero onto every positions prize money, so for the top spot you get 20million etc.

I also did this for the new "scottish championship"

TV prize money was increased as was sponsership(i think) but i cant remember by how much.

Into my second season now but i seem to be in like 8 cups which i think were for the lower leagues. Got alot of fixtures the now.

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See your 2 wide midfielders move them into the middle, and your 2 wide forwards into the centre and I think you would score more

Not really. The whole point of having your wide midfielders wide is so they run out to in, causing mayhem with regards to both zonal and man marking.

And as for the two wide forwards, they're also designed to cut inside. All four penetrate space that is opened up by the centre forward disrupting the opponents back line.

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In all fairness, you're playing it as Barcelona, who have players that primarily play in the middle. Credit to you for playing to your strengths though.

For this to work as Bieslas did, you realistically need 4 wingers that enjoy cutting inside.

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