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  1. David Goodwillie scored on his Blackburn debut against Kilmarnock.
  2. Right I'm going to start another game with Rangers and I will better Tuno.
  3. I sold him for £3.5m Valencia and Man City both bid £11m for Steven Davis after the first season but I rejected them and gave him a 5 year deal on £33k a week
  4. I remember one game Weir and Bartley must have had 24 goals combined in the first season Retained both of them because I told Bougherra to fuck off and they combined 30
  5. My defenders always seem to score loads Madjid Bougherra scored 4 goals before I sold him. Kyle Bartley got 8 goals. David Weir got 6 goals. Elliott Ward has 10 goals. Daniel Ayala has 4 goals and he's just scored a hat trick against Motherwell
  6. Started another Rangers game. Just starting the second season, I don't know how it's going to top the season before. Won the league by 16 points, scored 108 goals, conceded 29. Lost in the final of the CIS Cup . Won the Scottish Cup and was eliminated from the Europa League by Liverpool in the quarter finals. Steven Naismith played 54 games, scored 43 goals. I sold Madjid Bougherra in the first season and took in Elliot Ward from Norwich. Didn't retain Kyle Bartley or Richard Foster after their loan deals, but took back Vladimir Weiss and was offered El Hadji Diouf for £1m so I took it, also s
  7. I don't know what happened but Goodwillie and Jelavic were fucking amazing in my first season. Goodwillie - 38 goals Jelavic - 34 goals
  8. Jelavic is a hit in some saves. I usually play him as a complete forward.
  9. I want Goodwillie and Jelavic as my strike force. What is best to play them as ie. Complete forward etc?
  10. Has anyone ever had this... David Weir got injured in a pre season friendly and he's going to be out for four months, but has came out and said he's considering retiring early?
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