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  1. All the time in the world there, very poor. Need to freshen the game up a bit in attack.
  2. That was awful by Aribo there. Took too long to decide what he was going to do.
  3. Yep. Surely there’s a midfielder in the youth team that could fill that place, if not then it needs shut down.
  4. Team are looking lively so far. Just need to make these chances count.
  5. Aye, lucky you’re no banned again ya fud
  6. I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say Covid coming along and the league ending probably saved Gerrard being hounded out the club tbh. An amazing turn around since last year and now. We’re at the point with the majority laughing at the taigs and their Dubai disaster (rightfully so) that Gerrard and the players aren’t getting enough credit this year. 21 wins from 23, 2 draws, 0 defeats, 6 goals against. Taigs have 2 defeats, both to us, 6 draws, 2 which came since the Dubai disaster. The position we’re in at the top of the league is down to Gerrard and the squ
  7. Agree OP. PM for my paypal details and send me £50 to start it off. Thanks.
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