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Extract From Davie Weirs Autobiography

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TAKING over from Walter Smith is a tall order for Ally McCoist, but one I am sure he is ready for.

I just get the impression that it's his dream job and Rangers being successful is the most important thing for him.

The club's in his heart.

It's not a personal glory thing, he's got a genuine feeling he wants the club to do well and he's a winner.

Everything he's done, he has succeeded at. His football career, his media career was a success, his time as assistant boss has been a success, so he's the kind of man that you expect whatever he's doing he will be successful at.

He's got a quip all the time, one of the sharpest and funniest guys I have met, always listening for an angle and jumping on somebody for saying something.

He just loves life. That's the way he is and that will not change.

There will be tense times for him as manager, there will be worrying times, but he'll relax the atmosphere by the nature of who and what he is.

He has been over the course and the distance with Walter as well and has seen a lot of situations.

He's definitely got all the hallmarks to be a successful Rangers manager and I genuinely hope he is because of what he's done at the club and the esteem he is held in.

He's also been such a big part of Rangers' history.

There's not been that many managers of Rangers through the years and I think it is an honour for him to join that illustrious band.

I don't think anybody knows until you are in that position, 100 per cent pulling the strings, how it'll feel.

I am sure he has his own ideas of how he's going to do it, but how it turns out depends on many factors.

How much money is he going to have to spend? How many players will he be allowed to bring in?

All these things will dictate how it's going to be.

He will make decisions, I don't think there's any doubt about that. I'm sure he's more than capable.

The players know that too.

The club has been in safe hands and Walter made it his mission to ensure it stayed that way.

Whatever happens, there will always be a Rangers.

An institution and club like that, which means so much to people, and has the history, will always be there.

I've never been a fans' favourite during my career.

I got a lot of Player of the Year awards, but I was never really a player that the fans sang about.

At Rangers recently I've been aware they have an affinity for me, which is great. I'll always cherish it.

Adapted from Extra Time, David Weir's autobiography, on sale from Thursday, Sep 8. Published by Hodder & Stoughton, £20.

Read more: http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/sport/spl/3796390/Ally-doesnt-have-failure-in-his-locker.html#ixzz1X7flciXp

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