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  1. Maybe it was just in hindsight , but Laudrup annoyed me a bit , He told Murray he wanted away , He kept him on, we lost the league and him for nothing , I loved the guy and I’m not saying he downed tools that season but it was a sore one at the time
  2. Yes he did , unbelievable 😂😂😂
  3. imagine the new system could detect and invalidate any cards with traces of cocaine etc , Absolute carnage 😂😂
  4. I’m still trying to get my head round the patronising outrage of Scott brown looking enlightened with a pride flag on his face saying “he would love” a member of his dressing room to come out as gay ........oh my days
  5. As per title , who do we fancy for the eclipse tomorrow ? Fitness says magical , but class and the fact it must be ready says enable It’s the latter for me
  6. That’s bang out of order comparing him with Davis
  7. Looks like you need 3 points to get a travel club ticket for Vienna , I’m on 2 so sektor 5 for me
  8. So saddened to hear this , when we chatted on here it was rarely about football, ed has such a great knowledge of music And in particular the old glasgow scene , it was fascinating to hear some of his stories .... great guy
  9. I’m flying out to berlin on the Tuesday morning , spending a night there , then berlin to Vienna on the Wednesday , The return is Vienna to Edinburgh with a 2 hour stop in cologne on the Friday
  10. Lots of bears in thessalonki tonight
  11. Flying to berlin first thing in the morn , then hopefully to thessaloniki on Monday , then bus to skopje .....
  12. Was on a forum where I was told thessaloniki was part of macedonia, which is part of Greece ect ect .... ill just take the passport ?
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