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  1. Any buses got a couple of spare seats for the Dundee game ? Preferably around paisley rd west area
  2. Sorry for being thick here lol , I got one off the website , So Will my season ticket card get activated now for the seat I’ve bought ?
  3. Managed to get one , And the email with the qr code, There was a long spiel about a ready card maybe getting activated along with a smart card , What’s all that mean ?
  4. Just had a email saying I’ve been successful in the ballot
  5. I wanted england to to win , but clear if soft contact didn’t do it for me , No we will never hear about it if england win
  6. Maybe it was just in hindsight , but Laudrup annoyed me a bit , He told Murray he wanted away , He kept him on, we lost the league and him for nothing , I loved the guy and I’m not saying he downed tools that season but it was a sore one at the time
  7. My heart was full of pride that day ...... 😜🤣🤣🤣🇬🇧🇬🇧
  8. Pretty much what I’ve been told too, even to this day when she forgets herself the broad neddy accent gets brought out
  9. Outstanding striker, and a hero of mine as a lad , met him a few times in simons bar renfrew, And he was a total gentleman
  10. I seen a good few white away tops and black/ orange tops , Cant mind seeing any home , It was quite busy , I get the impression when a delivery gets in its pretty much snapped up right away
  11. I’ve just saw this this thread so apologies if covered , Where can I get the orange/ grey pre match top, There was none In the store at ibrox today
  12. The Kelty Guy has as basically nailed the spfl , English must have loved that bit , Stewart must have been raging
  13. Leckie is his column today saying Rangers are constantly pandering to the lowest common denominator .
  14. He gave his solemn word it was sent , The Dundee owner is going to have to be careful how to handle him , He could cause mayhem , Here’s hoping
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