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Thank You Rangers


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On the 11th of November,

Every single year,

We go silent together,

Some shed a tear,

as we show our respect,

For the soldiers who fell,

a 2 minutes silence, starts with a bell.

Wherever you are, you stop and pay,

Respect to the soldiers,

On this special day.

Sportsman around the world,

Wear a poppy with pride,

If you came to Ibrox,

You'll see that some even cried,

'LEST WE FORGET' is wrote in the stands,

The display is created, with our very hands.

It's saddening to think that some wont wear,

The poppy with pride, they dont even care.

They dont understand the people who gave,

There lives in the war, they were all so brave.

The team we call scum, the cunts who wear green,

Dont wear a Poppy, the club is obscene,

Abusing poppy sellers, and showing there banners,

The shame of Scotland, a club with no manners.

Thank you Rangers Rangers for showing respect,

and proving to millions why we are best.



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