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Lee Rigby Badge being produced by RSC

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The Sheffield and Districts Rangers Supporters Club will be putting out a Lee Rigby Memorial badge.

Here is some info about the badge and the memorial walk coming up as well.

I am going to be getting a few of these badges and I encourage others to support this fine cause as well (tu)

here's their letter:

Sheffield & Districts Loyal RSC

Hello there…

If you are not aware there has been an Official Memorial Walk organised for Lee Rigby on Saturday 24th May starting in Woolwich and walking to his barracks – if you have facebook then please search for Lee Rigby Memorial Walk for further information – there are over 450 already confirmed as taking part.

This is a silent walk with no flags / banners etc – a simple walk of respect. It has been organised with Lee’s families blessing and this is the ONLY official walk.

There is one organised for the 17th May but this is not linked to the family in any way.

After finding out about the walk I contacted one of the organisers and asked if any badges were being produced – which there isn’t.

I was then in dialogue and was asked if we could organise a couple of official badges for the Walk and the 1st Anniversary as the family didn’t have the funds to do such a thing.

I have been able to organise this and the badges are in the early stages of the mock up being made to be ok’d by the family.

There will be two badges, one Walk specific and will only be on sale on the Walk itself, then the second badge will be an open sale badge.

All profits from the sale of these badges will go to the families chosen charity which is The Invicta Foundation – www.theinvictafoundation.org.uk

Once the badge for general sale is produced (hopefully ready to go for the end of this month) there will be links to buy the badge from the facebook page, the Invicta Foundation page,the Shankill Band Shop page and our RSC webpage – with the hope of extending this list.

We will be selling the badges at £2.50 each, and the hope is to have just 500 of the walk specific badges made (and numbered on the back), with 4, 500 of the open sale badge made - with the aim to sell them all and after all costs are taken away this will hopefully leave over £9,500 for the charity.

As an RSC we are hoping you will support the sale of the open sale badge and are asking for you to confirm back – if you would be willing to take some, and to give me an idea of how many you would hope to sell – as these will show me a basic figure which we will move quickly through the Rangers family.

Obviously to save on costs badges for yourselves would be brought up by a member of our RSC to meet you and pass the required badges on prior to matches at Ibrox – as official RSC’s we also have the trust factor and are willing to pass the badges on up front and collect the monies and any unsold badges later.

These will be the only official badges sanctioned by the family – any others produced will not have there blessing and will be very unlikely to be passing profits on to any charity.

Once I have the mock up approved I will be happy to post it on FF or send it via PM etc to you so you can see what it will actually look like.

That’s all for now – I hope this will attract your interest and support.

Thanks and Regards





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We've paid our respects, can we not just let him rest?

I would have agreed if this was being done without the agreement of the family, however as they themselves are involved, then anything that can be done to show them respect and help them through this horrible act should be welcomed.

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I would have agreed if this was being done without the agreement of the family, however as they themselves are involved, then anything that can be done to show them respect and help them through this horrible act should be welcomed.

Yeah, as I said above, I didn't read the full OP. (tu)

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I've been asked if our supporters club, The Whifflet Loyal, can have 50 of these badges? (tu)

That was our flag. What a day.

awesome flag and memorable/emotional day mate (tu)

if you want the email address for the guy who is organising these badges send me a pm

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