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"moneyball" Approach

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interesting wee read


i knew Warburton and Weir left Brentford cause the chairman/owner wanted to implement this type of system but i didnt know the guy also owns FC Midtjylland in Denmark and is already using the system over there and just won the league title.

its mentioned in this months world soccer magazine (couldnt find the article online) but found the above article.

in the world soccer piece the manager Glen Riddersholm says he gets stacks and stacks of data to pour over during the week and also gets stats and data in the dressing room at half time.

maybe something in it if theyve just won the league ahead of Copenhagen and Brondby.

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Yes, an interesting concept but players should not be signed on the basis of stats alone. Stats don't give you the full picture and can easily be manipulated to show what you want them to. Add into that the fact football has thousands of variables, it just doesn't really make sense. It's adopted from baseball batting averages, which by all accounts is much more straight forward than football.

i get what youre saying, he might be able to manipulate stats for other people but he wouldnt be likely to do it to himself or his business model would be buggered, kinda like working against yourself.

think he bases it on data collated by software from his betting company.

wouldnt want Rangers to try it but it will be intersting to see how Brentford and Midjytlland get on next season

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