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  1. I doubt sincerely we paid what has been banded about. Not sure how it would be worked but I didn't believe we paid £1.8M for Garner in reality, the way I see it we are making deals look like we're putting more into the team than we are and if I'm wrong on that I've at least got it right the they aren't worth those fees ahead of the game. Pena was leaving Mexico with comments on Youtube (with 50-100 thumbs up) saying things like "Should enjoy the whisky tours", "So the alcoholic heads to the land of whisky", etc. etc. He could be Gazza-esque in terms of his ability allows him to get away w
  2. LGBT reads like our form for a spell of last season. Not sure what more we can do as a club, I don't remember Naismith having any issues.
  3. Very unusual for them not to get a result at home in Europe,....never watched the game but I expect them to go through as they run a tight ship financially (seemingly) and Champs League is where the gold is. I'm thinking score draw and through on away goals. Hopefully, they go out but I genuinely see it being 1-1 or 2-2.
  4. Sweet Company has been smashed into favourite, lips seem very loose on this one.
  5. READ THIS; Ladies and gents the BBC.... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-40768511?ocid=socialflow_twitter&ns_mchannel=social&ns_campaign=bbcnews&ns_source=twitter
  6. Being able to breathe deeply and unhindered through the nose. (apologies for being a bastard,...... the case of bud/ice-pole do sound good though for some reason and I'm sober/clean)
  7. Dunno mate but some mother fae clydebank was trying to muscle in on the TV reports I think.
  8. Anyone know why this game came about? My prediction is 1 down at half time with us scoring to equalise in the second half after the 65th minute, game finishes 1-1.
  9. My view when Pedro came in is that he's another yes man to bullshit the fans for a period to bide time for the powers in charge to make a genuine go of something down the line. I could go into one and explain in depth as to what I think and why but frankly if people can't see it then an article from me won't change it, we're a fucking joke and the fans are being mugged. This result should see a protest outside Ibrox tonight because even with the new players coming in we'll be fighting it out for 2nd at best having spunked 7 or 8 times as much on doing at as Aberdeen.
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