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  1. Best thing to happen to Paisley since that lassie stole a twist-spindle frame off the Dutch.
  2. Our issues are beyond a specific manager and specific players, our games are bent, were under Warburton anaw, and it's not just us - try just about every team in the country. Give it time and we'll see shite like 5 goals scored in 2 minutes of injury time like in the Irish league. The Rock could be playing at CB for us, The Ultimate Warrior in CM and Papa Shango up front.
  3. Depends on how you look at it, what did we pay for him? Has he improved? A lot of his goals were in our Championship and/or penalties. Last year of contract. Basically out the team going forward. Not really got a record to shout about down South and they don't like paying for players up here unless you're clearly a cut above everything. Could go League 1/2 and pick someone up there with a decent record for a few hundred K, Matty Taylor had a good record in League 2, started well in league 1 for the first half of the season and joined Championship in January for £300k I believe. I think 2
  4. Started off as a rumoured £1M. Then some pointed out that £1M for a guy in the last year of his deal is high particularly this guy all things considered. Word from the Ipswich end is that the fee is closer to £250k than £1M.
  5. While I don't think he's good enough for where we need to be I do think we as a support forget just how little we created for the best part of a season and a half under Warburton for all the possession; slow going forward, passing sideways with very little in the way of cutting through balls or decent crosses and all made when the opposition has fallen back into Alamo mode, with this in mind it goes some way to negating the poor return from our forwards last season and even the latter half of the Championship season. Waghorn's a bit of an all rounder, special at nothing but a bit of an al
  6. The way I look at it is this, Herrera may not exactly have a prolific record and the compilation (a video I think i may have posted in the transfer section before he signed) video of his misses may be brutal BUT the goals he's scored were harder than them and included a few crackers (lovely header, overhead kick and first time volley inside post), perhaps more importantly his link up play, quick one-twos are something we've desperately lacked going forward. He's here now playing teams that Warburtons Whallopers finished 3rd against and should have finished second against, he's not involve
  7. I doubt sincerely we paid what has been banded about. Not sure how it would be worked but I didn't believe we paid £1.8M for Garner in reality, the way I see it we are making deals look like we're putting more into the team than we are and if I'm wrong on that I've at least got it right the they aren't worth those fees ahead of the game. Pena was leaving Mexico with comments on Youtube (with 50-100 thumbs up) saying things like "Should enjoy the whisky tours", "So the alcoholic heads to the land of whisky", etc. etc. He could be Gazza-esque in terms of his ability allows him to get away w
  8. If Miller is off his game drop him for the next one as he fucking hates being dropped and has a nasty habit of scoring when you doubt him so to get the results and the best from him I'd employ this especially as we have to find solutions for the long term now and as yet we have dick all. Morelos while an exciting prospect is just that, I don't think he's ready to do the real job required and as such he should feature (bench appearances for fresh legs or give him more time when a game is done in our favour early, occasional start against "weak" sides) but shouldn't be seen as our solid go
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