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Fiorentina Public Sale


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Got mine this morning. I had to wait in the cue for an hour and a bit before I even got into the ticket office but it's worth it to see a European semi-final (or at least the first leg) at Ibrox. Happy days! :rangers:

Nice (tu)

I got up at 1.30 , straight onto online ticket sales and got three straight away (tu)

Lazy Jammy Bassa Loyal :rangers:

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Ther was a guy standing in front of me in the queue and they knew someone who tried to get through on the phone 50 times this morning and couldn't get through. It doesn't matter how you get them, it's the getting them that counts. Bring on the Fiorentina! :rangers:

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ive lost my rangers number to access it online, bassa :(

and im on the fone now and have been for 30 minutes.

anyone fancy going online purchasing them an ill meet them with the cash? :(

How many are u after mate ?

EDIT: didnt see the other post by you :lol:

good man (tu) where you sitting ?

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i got them eventually today,

i must have been sitting on the phone for the best part of 50 minutes,

got them though thats the main thing, sittin in govan stand mate, think over in the corner maybe cant really remember

boy i got on the phone was having some laugh though, he said the computers all crashed this morning an then there was a problem with the phones an they all went dead an wiped everyone who was waiting on the phone too.

and there is also no longer any seats sitting together, its all individual seats aswell.

i shall be there on thursday though with the camera...oh yesh :D:D

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