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  1. I would start a car ahead of Herrera, and I can’t even drive.
  2. Ian Holloway is the sort of guy who’d try to pick a fight with a crisp packet.
  3. The players didn’t do themselves any favours today. However, why that complete dick of a referee can let Scott Allan wipe out Jason Holt and not even be spoken to but he then books a player for kicking the ball away is beyond me. Trying to get any decision from him is like trying to get a can of Coke out of an empty vending machine - fruitless.
  4. A golfer has 14 clubs in his bag. A celtic fan concentrates on two clubs - Rangers and celtic.....and probably in that order.
  5. A joke just sprang to mind. What’s the difference between a professional golfer and a celtic fan? The golfer concentrates on 14 clubs, the celtic fan concentrates on 2.
  6. With the exception of Fod, every other player went straight up the tunnel after the final whistle. It shows what a shower of gutless bastards represent our club.
  7. This Rangers team has too many passengers and not enough drivers. Utter drivel.
  8. I used to watch the pre and post-match interviews on the Rangers website. I can't even be bothered listening to the same excuses any more.
  9. It's not a Rangers team, it's cowards wearing Rangers kits. I follow them home and away but by fuck am I getting scunnered with this shower now.
  10. Rangers are a top-flight football club. They shouldn't be a nursery for English premier league clubs.
  11. I find it reassuring that when I go to Dundee on the 24th, I'll have to walk past a Championship stadium to get to a Premiership stadium.
  12. Showed more effort in one game than Carlos Pena has all season. I’d start Holt over him any day of the week.
  13. I just saw Chris Cadden being interviewed after the match and he said it was Motherwell’s tactic to “ruffle them up”. Obviously breaking an opposition player’s nose is completely justified. Let’s see if that behaviour is acceptable when Motherwell visit Ibrox the next time around.
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