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We've played better away form home

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Looking at the majority of our games in this competition we have played better away from home. Now I don't know if it's an omen that we are going to lift the trophy, but we have been given the away dressing room for the final.

Technically, for the final we are the away team, even though there is going to be a larger contingent of Rangers fans at Manchester, we were drawn as the away team.

Are we going to be rewarded even more after the long arduous journey we have had to make to reach this stage. Remember, Zenit have had a couple of games cancelled to help them prepare for this one match, could the lack of games actually work in our favour, look what happened to us when we had one game cancelled for a CL showdown, we got pumped.

Sitting here this late at night, tired, and know I really should get some sleep, I have suddenly been hit with the Cup Fever, and the butterflies are starting in my stomach, yet somehow I really feel that we can do this, that next week we will be holding a European trophy once again, and we are going to be Champions. :rangers:

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