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Manchester here I come


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well guys got ma tickets got ma diggy camera and I cant fookin wait been like a wee boy all weekend and like xmas countin the sleeps lol only two to go till I see the lads lift the uefa cup

but tell you this should we not as epected win I for one will be so proud of walter and the lads i think it will still feel like we won.

then we come back to take the spl trophy fae the tattie munchers and complete were season with the scottish cup

new dawn , new days

a change in ways

of how the team is seen

they battle and fight

with new found life

bringing trophies to end our strife

with a pride never seen

we now dare to dream

of a new 1st eleven

for our queen

Follow Follow , for there is no team like the Glasgow Rangers

:rangers::rangers::rangers: :bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy: :unionflag: :unionflag:

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