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the rangers mindset.......


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this is something that has bugged me for a long long time regarding rangers

and its got worse over the last year.......

we are all in agreement that we should have taken care of Kaunus but there were absolutely no positives

coming from the management team on the run up to the second(and indeed first leg)

now, im no physcologist but surely, irrespective of what you feel deep down, a public show of confidence can only benefit even the most woeful team

i would love to see rangers management come out and state 'we're going to care of them, we're glasgow rangers' instead of 'we need to be wary, they are the lithuanian champions' nonsense.

we should have pumped them, we should have said we would be pumping them and the players might we'll have thought 'right, lets get stuck into this shower of shite' instead of worrying about the damage some hearts rejects could cause.......

id much rather have egg on my face once in a blue moon than get into a spiral of negative thinking

i believe this is what f*cked us up last season

when the wheels came of the bus and we won only 3 out of the 21 games following the CIS cup (which we would have lost had it not been for a shocking back pass) and we got nearer the end of the season the management kept publicly banging on about the amount of games to be played, the need to extend the season, etc etc

they should have went about all the political gerrymandering in private and publicly said 'its not a problem, we'll deal with it, its what success brings, we dont need your f*cking help, we'll manage on our own, no probs!'

instead we got everybody feeling sorry for themselves and players saying 'its hard but we'll manage' when they should be saying 'whats the problem, this is what dreams are made of'

to put it into some context, i was diagnosed with cancer, had shitloads of treatment ending in a bone marrow transplant

my attitude was 'f*ck it , its the card ive been dealt, get on with it and stop feeling sorry for yourself' and 15 years on im still alive with a clean bill of health

had i adopted the smith policy id have expended too much thought and effort wondering 'what if','why me' or 'if only' and might not be here

POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE goes a long way. take note Smith !

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when was the last we beat someone 3-0 4-0 i cant remmember

just doesnt happen with this squad it is all about grinding out 1 goal wins and defending and we are starting to lose our ability to do that

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