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  1. Fucking sensational strike from Roofe
  2. Hard fought point but lessons to be learned To cavalier last game at the end too defensive this game players were dead on ther feet chasing shadows how many subs did they make six or something that was the difference at the end
  3. Need to get the ball forward quicker and more support in attack apart from that good stuff
  4. Wonder who reffed the other 5 games before this where they never got a result guy is clueless
  5. We have been going through a sticky spell no doubt about it but it has always been a hard place to get a result for us hopefully we are turning the corner
  6. fuckin grim sounds like we have seen the last of him yet another of our players kicked out of the season and maybe the team this is becoming the norm now with our imports
  7. what a crock of shit for fuck sake it is a song every club has there share of insulting songs im sure most dutch never even understood it even if they did they would not have known what the fuck it was about the only people who would have made a issue of it is the offended ones
  8. we conceded three goals at home from about three chances they had so aye we missed him he reads the game well and has a strong presence at the back two talents a lot of our team are missing
  9. why the fuck cant we string two results together we are really struggling in front of goal
  10. Anybody else see him on the touchline in the background going mental at edus penalty claim before he even got on
  11. backspin like a good golf shot of course he meant it
  12. Weiss gives us a cutting edge we have lacked since miller left
  13. what bugs me about him is his lack of effort jogs about the park and does not even try to match attackers runs lack of ability is forgivable laziness is not
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