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  1. Someone on a Tim podcast said it was definitely worse the Van Vosen’s miss… which it was 🤣🤣🤣
  2. i did think about changing it to 'pish' but it's meant to be a reference to Ange talking about folk trying to 'push him off a ledge'. Bros' album 'Push' sprung to mind :)
  3. Yep, and the only decent signing he’s brought in is the wee Japanese fella, who I’d expect will be mightily fucked off if Ange gets the bullet. Jota looks good at a glance but there is little end product for all his hurried twisting, turning and shooting. Looking forward to them getting spanked by Leverkusen on Thursday. United should have won it at the death. 3 on 1 in the penalty box and they fucked it up.
  4. Nothing to do with politics. Joshua got a doing from a Cruiserweight. Previous to that it was a fat Mexican. Joshua ain’t a world class boxer. A marketing dream but limited boxer. Lacks belief and bottle too.
  5. Mega fanny Gordon Dalziel (Cooper scored the 2nd) in a 2-1 Scottish Cup win v Queen’s Park in March 1983 at Hampden with about 13k fans rattling about in a dump of a stadium which could house circa 100k.
  6. Hopefully that’s not the case. if it is, then I wish them all the very best of luck. Getting back to him leaving the position would your first instinct be to walk away from your highly paid job if it was a personal issue or would you and your employers not look at taking an unspecified amount of time off, especially as they seem to suggest they have someone at the club who can fill the position temporally? All seems strange.
  7. Looking forward to see what he brings to the team. If it's fuck all, it looks like it will cost us fuck all. Wonder if there's a PSG type sell on % included in this particular deal? https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/7681498/juninho-bacuna-Rangers-transfer-huddersfield-breakdown/
  8. Peter Tobin murdered the teenage girl Vicky Hamilton and buried her in his back garden 4 doors down from my mother-in-laws house in Bathgate!
  9. Not going to lie, it wisnae great, was only 22 at the time too. still, I got through it and never looked back. one of my abiding memories was being stuck in a room in the isolation unit getting my high dose chemo in preparation for the transplant and Rangers got knocked out the Champions League by Levski Sofia. Was fucking raging.
  10. Pro Evo on the Nintendo Wii was sensational. Pointing to where you want the ball to go, controlling the space and players about you like you would when playing an actual game of football, selecting players to make runs to exactly where you want them to go, relying on the weight of a physical move rather than battering fuck out a button to make the perfect pass. Loved it. Might have to dig the Wii out of the attic and have another wee go now.
  11. going off at a tangent here i know, but the best game sports game EVER was NHL 94....it was fucking amazing. I had a bone marrow transplant in October 93 and couldn't do hellish much for the following 6 months. So me and my best mate, who was unemployed at the time, played it constantly.
  12. This even the loading screen featured Rangers colours :)
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