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  1. For all that I detest the man, and for all his shortcomings, Brown was the driving force and heartbeat of their team for the 8.5IAR run.... He’s a busted flush these days, in and out the team. He can’t influence a game anymore and certainly not from the subs bench and will prove hard to replace. McGregor certainly isn’t the answer and looking at their squad I can’t see who is equipped to provide that aggression you need to push your team. He was a key component in them steam rolling teams and snatching wins at the last minute. As the saying goes ‘luck tends to favour the brave’.
  2. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  3. Had the ability to lob keepers with a header. Watching that strike against Leeds (and the rest of the game thereafter) was one of the best footballing moments in my life.
  4. The complete striker. Absolutely loved the big man at Rangers.
  5. Similar here. I got a text from a mate, who was watching it on BT Sport, saying 'what a fucking goal that was' and thought 'ah fuck, Standard have scored in the last minute, as they were attacking at the time
  6. didnae realise Stuart Cosgrove was a Rangers man! :)
  7. Confidence is key for a striker, especially returning from a length injury. That, and having the fans on board. He should be flying now. Cannot wait to see how he performs going forward.
  8. Excluding the Leverkusen game that was carried over from last season, we have scored 39 goals scored in all competition, and conceded only 4. Now that is mightily impressive.
  9. Pele couldn't score from his half, in the centre of the pitch with no fucker near him on a bone dry pitch in Mexico. Roofe wins the ball not once but twice (with a wee back heel nutmeg thrown in), rides a challenge, outflanks a player, then skelps it at pace as soon as he gets the opportunity whilst heading towards the touchline and away from the centre of the goal. The fact it was a water logged pitch and absolutely pissing down makes it even more surreal....
  10. Being greedy here but I would love to see a video of the Rangers' bench reaction to that goal. Gives me goosebumps every time i watch it, and i must have replayed that clip 50+ times so far.
  11. Yep, you know its a top top goal when you watch it numerous time and still cant quite believe it.....the only other one i can think of recently that had me utterly spellbound was Zlatan's v England. Roofe's effort is the best goal i'm ever likely to see a Ranger's player score.
  12. Not wanting to derail the OP but Duffy is an absolute fucking donkey. Caught the tail end of their game. He's dreadful....in a good way :)
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