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  1. This. Nothing has changed from Saturday morning when we were all delighted with the situation. They dropped points, we dropped points. Both of us were shite. It happens. Going forward, and our UNBEATEN form somehow evaporates, provided we match their results like for like, we win the league with at least 4 games to spare. That’s the first points dropped in 17 league games. 49 from the 51 available secured. Hardly a catastrophe.
  2. beararse

    Ryan Kent

    Ridiculous statement to kick of this thread. Hyperbole in the extreme. You could chuck in some recent names like Ojo, Dodoo, Dalcio, Herrera, Pena....all of whom have clearly played worse in a single game: in fact I’d even go as far as saying he wasn’t the worst on the pitch TODAY. Aribo takes that accolade.
  3. Both were shocking. Aribo was the worst out the two IMO. Despite failing miserably at least there was some level of intent in Kent’s efforts. I can’t actually work out what Aribo’s role in the team was today.
  4. That’s twice Kent has ran off the pitch with the ball. Not acceptable.
  5. Way too predictable ..... Tav will look to cut in or play low into the box, Barisic lofting in cross after cross.
  6. Fergus McGrain with a clairvoyant like prediction regarding Duffy..... 👌🏻
  7. ‘Intriguing’ in the sense ‘why mention it?’ I’d have thought every single person on this forum has/does love a player regardless of the fact they are aged 16, 96 or, in your case, 5.
  8. A bizarre yet Intriguing choice of phrase :)
  9. You know your seasons fucked when you're 2nd in the premiership with 2 games in hand yet the third game on Sportscene's itinerary :)
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