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  1. beararse


    He has definitely let 2 in 🙂
  2. Where the fuck is our player that dishes it back? That’s one if our biggest problems....nobody goes ‘take that for your troubles ya cunt’ .... You can empty a guy whilst winning the ball fairly .... We are too fucking nice!
  3. Don’t think Arfield had much option, both landed at his feet and he did the best he could, the second one was an outstanding save. If anything Kent’s effort was more wasteful than Arfield’s as he had time and Morelos nearby. Bottom line was we were wasteful in front of goal, wasteful in defence for the 2nd and their keeper had a good game. We were pretty shite o/all .... it was a pretty flat performance.
  4. To be fair, their keeper made 3 excellent saves from chances we created.
  5. At the risk of having my username changed, admin shouldn’t be changing folks details. That’s bad patter IMO
  6. It’s not a sense of entitlement. Regardless of the fact it’s free, the absolute minimum you would expect from a forum, free of otherwise, is the ability to sign in and sign out of your account and currently those on certain platforms can’t do that.
  7. You need to get to the doctors :) Nae hair and a big bandage round his head in the home leg v Osijek and a physique like an Eastern European special ops soldier. How can he forget that? :)
  8. In practical terms they’ve got it spot on IMO. There is an atmosphere created which doesn’t exist in any of the other games I have watched since Covid kicked off. Its still not the same as a full stadium but great effort has been made, especially with the covering of the seats. They might not have a song sheet that suits everyone’s tastes but they’ve done a great job in enhancing the viewing experience. Absorbed in the game you can easily forget it’s getting played in an empty stadium. In that respect its job done. As for the Hibs chants. I never really noticed. Besides,
  9. unfankle yer knickers....its got fuck all to do with a Liverpool comparison and everything to do with it being next game that was on the telly yesterday. Substitute with Spurs v Everton right now if you prefer or better still, West Brom v Leicester if you want absolutely nowt to do with the city of Liverpool. Point is, Rangers have got it spot on IMO (even tho they had to dial it back a bit after the first game of the season).
  10. Arfield was like the player he used to be today ..... thought he was excellent.
  11. It’s grim with fuck all noise....
  12. Whoever is responsible for the crowd noise and general atmosphere for the arm chair viewer deserves a huge pat on the back. The ambient noise is fantastic as are the tarpaulins covering the bottom row of the Broomloan Road stand which assist in the illusion. A million miles ahead of Liverpool’s efforts in their game v Leeds.
  13. Might be different for those who are season ticket holders and accessing RTV but as a long term subscriber to RTV I can log in via the website (as opposed to the app) from any device I wish. Not checked this season so it might have changed but last season I could log in and run RTV on 6 separate devices at the same time without any issues.
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