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  1. Possibly. He should have been clearer then .... still a wee fud! 🤣
  2. Lennon quoted as saying: “Eighteen months ago I beat Lazio in Rome, the first celtic manager to do that.’ Probably helps that you’re the first celtic manager to ever face Lazio :) Wee fud.
  3. Fair to say Lennon’s first interview after leaving celtic didn’t go down well on the Kerrydale Street forum. He’s managed to do the impossible: he’s even more hated than he was a week ago 👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻 I quite like this post from a celtic fan. Sums up his whole tenure over two stints.... ‘Pretty much everything he achieved as a manager at celtic can be traced back to either Fraser Forster, or Craig Whyte. Both of those are more deserving of a poster on the side of celtic Park. Take away the influence of both and you're left with a lazy, snus-munching, incompetent state of a manager, who ha
  4. Excellent. What with their world class lights and their world class support they really are becoming a team to be feared these days.
  5. If Gerrard goes to Everton I’ll eat all your knickers. There is not a chance in hell he’s leaving us to go to Liverpool’s city rival. None whatsoever!
  6. Apologies if this has already been posted. If not, check out what this loon ball is saying. Assuming it’s a genuine post referenced by spoof Kerryfail Meltdown, even Exidor from Mork and Mindy* wasn’t mad enough to come up with shite this mental :) *that reference will stump anyone under the age of 50
  7. Wonder if Dominic McKay has led them down the Postecoglou route? id imagine his role with the SRU meant he had well established connections in Australia. Irrespective, I hope both cunts fuck it right up.
  8. Some daft cunt was on saying ‘before this season Rangers haven’t won the league in, I don’t know how long?’ eh, 9 years ya fanny!
  9. As much as I detest the cunt and would love to watch him fuck it up at celtic I don’t think Keane is the type of person who would be happy that everyone knew he was the ‘back up’ guy.
  10. Forgot about that one. That would certainly round off a good year.
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