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  1. You can tell Gerrard has had extensive media training throughout his playing career as he never seems to put a foot wrong. The guy is exceptional.
  2. Think @Kents_Hookmeant ‘touché’ rather than ‘touchy’ 😀
  3. He reminded me of a foal, unsure on its feet :) or a young deer, which is why he got called Bambi. .
  4. Im not comparing football ability, just as I’m not comparing their hairstyles. Answer this question: Do they both run in an ungainly manner? If the answer is ‘yes’, which it most obviously is, then there is the comparison i have been making.
  5. He wasn’t pish, but was prone to the occasional fuck up.
  6. Dave McPherson was ungainly, as is Helander. Both are more effective on the pitch than pleasing on the eye, hence the comparison.
  7. Helander reminds me of him in that he and McPherson both run kinda funny and are/were far better footballer then they look/looked. From memory big Dave went down very easily when challenged.
  8. Yep, their bravado has well and truly evaporated.
  9. Signed July 2019 and we’ve yet to lose a game he’s started in. How anyone can have doubts about him is truly baffling!
  10. This. It was a very odd feeling watching that game. Me and two mates were watching whilst having a blether and none of us noticed celtic getting into position to score. We only saw the net bulge and we all just sort of shrugged. Usually we’d be going absolutely bloody berserk.
  11. I’ve pinched the wean’s projector which he got for his Xmas from his grandparents and got it showing on the back of his Paw Partrol play mat which is nailed to the trusses in my garage so I can watch games with some mates :)
  12. Bet the cunt’s no’ cuddling him now
  13. Check out this clip...I’d be astonished if no.4 & no.12 didn’t hear what was said. They’re right next to Kudela and Kamara. No.4 is staring straight at them. Also interesting that no black players in the Prague team ran to help in the melee.
  14. Must admit, I thought it was the strange decision to start with Balogun. Just because he’s faster doesn't mean he’s a better defender than Helander
  15. If there was an upset and a non old firm team were to win the league, who would be your preferred choice? I’d go for Falkirk, or Dundee. Can’t stand the rest of them.
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