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Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse


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......hard on the heels of the inspirational Christian Daillys interview on the official web-site, there's now one with Kirk Broadfoot!!!!!!

The club really do know how to motivate and inspire us!!!!!


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Let The Games Begin

By Andrew Dickson

CHRISTIAN DAILLY admits he is relishing the new league campaign as much as he did when he started his football career almost two decades ago.

The versatile utility man will embark on his 19th season as a professional when Rangers take on Falkirk at Westfield tomorrow.

Christian DaillyHis very first term came when he was just 16 and he was an aspiring striker with Dundee United.

Dailly scored in each of his first three games and that form led to him making his Scotland under-21 debut a few weeks later.

Moves to Derby, Blackburn, West Ham and Southampton followed before he ended up at Ibrox prior to the closure of the transfer window in January.

Time and experience have tempered boyish excitement and the Scotland cap's approach is more controlled nowadays.

But as Gers look to bounce back from their Champions League exit at Kaunas on Tuesday, he is just as eager to compete.

"I'm really looking forward to getting back into league football again," the 34-year-old said.

"There isn't a huge amount of time to rest and reflect on what you might have achieved in a season any more.

"As soon as one campaign ends, you are already looking forward to another. We have had a short break but now we're back to it again.

"Some time has gone by since I looked ahead to my first season of top-flight football in Scotland.

"I couldn't tell you how in many respects because I'm honestly the type of person who just turns up, gets on with playing and that's it.Christian Dailly

"I don't look too much at difference between the game in Scotland and England or at how different football is now compared to when I started.

"But when you are 16 and taking your first steps, there is such a high level of excitement and adrenalin there.

"It is a completely unique situation in your life and I was very lucky to be at a club such as Dundee United when I began my career.

"I got the opportunity to play from a really young age and a long time has passed since I left there and went to England.

"For me, there is still a huge amount of excitement before a season starts. That is why I still want to play football.

"There is a calmer side to that now because I am more experienced and able to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

"With that said, while I know not to get too high or too low if I win or lose, the start of the season is always a good time."


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