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  1. He is English don't think he is a Rangers fan
  2. Who fucking cares about that
  3. 800k
  4. Daily Record said it was nonsense
  5. Whats the point?
  6. from Keith Jackson Twitter keith jackson ‏@tedermeatballs 3 mins3 minutes ago @VidmarFF @BartyAllan @TheLeatherBelts don't mean to piss on yer cornflakes Vid but i'm not sure this Swift rumour is true. Not at all.
  7. Not even in the bench for Wednesday today
  8. Check out Alice Hedworth's Instagram page....some nice bikini pics! Also didnt realise her and Keith Downie are together
  9. Jim Whites Twitter
  10. Bid for tavernier rejected
  11. Or Scott Allan
  12. Daily Record are running with this story now
  13. I would like this to happen but doubt it will for a couple of reasons...........he is in and around the Scotland squad and if we qualify for the Euro's he will want to be in the squad.....would Strachan pick him playing for us in the Championship? also Aberdeen are also linked with him, McInnes worked with him at St Johnstone and gives him a lot of credit for his career progressing. Hope i'm wrong but
  14. Smith has gone....McCrorie is still too young, maybe he will be loaned out! Kelly from what I have seen of the U'20s looks average at best! Perhaps I'm wrong though