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  1. We will need to be at the top of our game for this one. They have a strong home record, but a draw over there can set us up for a narrow win at home.
  2. I assume that who we get makes no difference to the finances? Manchester United or Molde?
  3. Arsenal please. Weakest of the English sides and lucky to put out Benfica.
  4. As good a choice as any for celtic manager.
  5. Heard talk of Frank Lampard. All those marquee signings ....
  6. These three long periods without a league title, yet still hold the most league titles.
  7. So I guess Lennon has given up on the 10? :)
  8. Antwerp looks a useful side away from home, lots of away wins, so I will go for a narrow 2-1 win to the Rangers.
  9. Doesn't even need to be a match winner now. Come on Alfredo!
  10. Didn't expect that from Ross County, well done on doing the Tim double.
  11. Still on course for the mother of all timplosions at parkhead. Morelos got his first against United today, time to complete the set, Alfredo. Great day!
  12. I am going to go even more crazy when we win 4-3 at Parkhead next month.
  13. Rangers have played well domestically after Europa wins, so I expect Dundee Utd to be dispatched with skill and ease.
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