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  1. I didn't realise games could be stopped for medical emergencies crowd. In an EPL crowd of 40-70 thousand, this could become a common occurence.
  2. Lundstram just showed what Rangers need to do more, shots from outside the box.
  3. Strange, I cannot see a thread on this important matter on Kerryfail!
  4. Hopefully all the tainted gains of the "banter years" will be heading towards their victims.
  5. Hard fought but important win, bring on the next title pretenders.
  6. I am putting some flesh on the bones so to speak.
  7. Hibs and Hearts are not going to win the league. Now that is a prediction.
  8. I am not making a win-lose prediction, its all about probabilities. If celtic lose 6 games, odds are about 10-1 against they win the title based on last 23 seasons.
  9. Okay, currently the only good thing is that celtic are even worse than us and that can help us lift title 56. So they are on 3 defeats out of 7 just now, clearly not championship winning form. A look at the last 23 seasons, shows how many defeats a team can get away with and still win the title. The tally looks like this, GL = games lost so for example there were 5 seasons in which the title winner lost five games, 1 season in which they lost seven games. The point being, if celtic lose 3 more out of 31 games this season, there is only 2 seasons out of 23 where the title winners lost 6 or more games. Not good odds. Of course, Rangers have to do their bit and keep winning and we can safely assume no one else will win the title (last happened 36 years ago). GL Seasons 0 2 1 2 2 3 3 5 4 4 5 5 6 1 7 1
  10. Does UEFA have the walking off the pitch rule if racial abuse being shouted?
  11. Premiership Comparison 2021-2022 P7 W5 D1 L1 F12 A5 2020-2021 P7 W6 D1 L0 F15 A0
  12. Said it for weeks, we need more shots from outside the area. Can't walk the ball into the net all the time.
  13. Not fancying this Prague tie, but things will just suddenly click, just can't predict when.
  14. A great story, hope Emma finishes the job tomorrow.
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