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  1. Rangers are roaring just now, I expect them to win 2-1 in Belgium and Morelos will score.
  2. The SNP's over zealous approach to football is symptomatic of a ruling party that does not want this virus raging at the time of the May elections. This is all about politics not science.
  3. Many Scottish clubs' crowds have been socially distanced for decades. It's nonsense that League 1+2 clubs are not allowed to have their usual crowds and teams like Rangers can't have thousands inside. I have little respect for this government's overbearing and dictatorial attitude. Any club that goes under should sue their asses off.
  4. Should have stopped long ago, certainly before they stopped applauding the NHS.
  5. Meantime in Tims group, Lille and Slavia lie second and Milan joint top of Serie A
  6. This group doesn't look any harder than last year, maybe a bit weaker. Poznan 9th in league after 4 games Benfica joint top after 2 Liege 4th after 7
  7. We haven't had a Battle of Britain since Man Utd, so bring on the Spurs for me plus some fresh sides we haven't played in a few years (or ever?) like Liege and Dundalk.
  8. Let's hope we're in the 2nd pot after that win over a higher rated nation/team.
  9. Great result, I don't think we could be much better prepared for two massive games next week.
  10. Hopefully the first of many, Cedric. Well struck shot.
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