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  1. Well let's just say I do not expect Rangers to beat Galatasaray 4-0 ... it will be a close game.
  2. But they didn't because we stopped them or they lacked the skill to take them.
  3. Best result and performance by far against the side that finished 5th in a top European league. They weren't poor - we made them look poor. Well done Gerrard and the lads.
  4. Great first half, but they're very capable of scoring.
  5. I think I will demand a pro rata refund for cutting off the game at 87 minutes, that works out at a 33p. That was the first game I have ever watched with commercial breaks half way through each half, is this the way forward with this Premier mob?
  6. Apparently Hibs beat Willem II 2-1 over there in a friendly back in January.
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