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  1. CG in Dock again

    Sums it up rather nicely...and if you don't mind I will nick it for use elsewhere/when etc..
  2. CG in Dock again

    You are correct but heDID question the integrity of the commission, that is what he is being charged with!!
  3. Big Jocks Dirty secret advert Clyde

    I think we should offer caldermillerfiled some free advertising at Ibrox.
  4. It was a similar thing with Henrik Larson as well. When he was convinced to stay on for another year it was allegedly written in to his contract that he would get a testimonial with a value of £1Million. After that last season he got a testimonial bringing in that value. To me that is a contractual payment.
  5. It does not matter, they will make it up as they go along. Either EBTs were allowed or they were not, if not then it really should not matter when the money was drawn out but when and why it was paid in, and everyone who used an EBTS to provide funds to players should be found guilty or vice versa
  6. The Tangled Web (continued)

    we might be on to them but there is nothing we can do. the SPL can do what they like. the best thing for us is to do exactly what Charles Green has done and refuse to acknowledge their authority over us.
  7. Spl EBT -conflict of interests

    I think it will come down to HMRC and the FTTT. If they find that the EBT was used as payments and therefore subject to Tax then the Tribunal will have us, if not then we really can't have a case to answer.
  8. Sports Law Expert Tells RangersMedia SPL Titles Can't Be Removed

    And it wont change the fact we won them. WHEN the SPL get around to doing it on behalf of septic that is..
  9. Charles Green Must Be Made Aware Of Police Intimidation At Ibrox

    They seemed to be fighting one another for the honour. This seems to be a bigger issue and given the rivalry between these two groups a lot of stuff is being thrown up in the air to be used as "evidence" for one thing or another...the important thing is the club and supporting the club, for me at least, and not individual factions vying for some sort of fame....and that is a shame because the added atmosphere is sorely needed.
  10. Charles Green Must Be Made Aware Of Police Intimidation At Ibrox

    So who is responsible for all the flares going off? As I understood to was either the BO or UB that was taking responsibility for it. Just asking before making further points, I don't want to be criticised for it.
  11. Kyle hutton

    Geting a chance in the REserves...it is on the main website.
  12. My dogs first trip to Ibrox...

    looking good...
  13. Rangers fans would be granted just 285 tickets

    A neutral \Venue gets 20% off the top, then it is split according to competition rules.
  14. Should Ally ban media hacks now?

    Exactly, everyone at Rangers needs to be more media savvy and turning the other cheek and being dignified all the time is just wrong. I am not saying that we should ALWAYs highlight negative stuff written about Rangers but when it is obviously being done as part of a bigger Agenda, like ill Phils work, then it should be addressed publicly and forcefully by everyone.