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  1. Simon Lappin on trial for 2 weeks

    Is this a sign of what the club is able to attract?
  2. Petition/Letter to Mr Wallace to act concerning Ally.

    embarrassing More crap acted out in public. After one game FFS, we have lost opening games to the season before.
  3. Green organizing funding

    There is quite a bit in Charles Greens interview that make interesting reading. He, as usual, hits the nail on the head on several points particularly the division amongst fans but that's his "Sell". He did say any representative on the board may be him or someone else and he has no great wish to come back but would if asked. He is a money raiser and a successful one at that. Whether it not there is truth in this story I don't know Sonors certainly has the money and would bring others with him if he had to come in but it is far too early to jump to any conclusions.
  4. Whyte Owed HMRC £3.74m before Ibrox Takeover

    They new about him and his financial history long before that mate
  5. Whyte Owed HMRC £3.74m before Ibrox Takeover

    That's the problem with administration. They look at all debts outstanding no matter the terms and call a halt to business activity. It's a snapshot in time of your debts.
  6. Whyte Owed HMRC £3.74m before Ibrox Takeover

    This news is not a revelation but it will make everyone focus on hmrc, that's wrong IMO. The question should be who else knew and was in a position to do something about it, particularly at the SPL/SFA. allegedly Craig Whyte hired a certain law firm, connect to all parties, to defend him in his bankruptcy hearing and they were provided with all his financial information. This should be looked at.
  7. Rangers chairman hits back at uof

    It was a suggestion made over 12 months ago by someone who is now part of UoF. At least that is the first time I saw it, it has then grown arms and legs. Once Ibrox1972 was formed and DK had assurances from the board over Ibrox, Murray Park was added to keep things going. Its as transparent as you can get from UoF as per motivation.
  8. Nick Davies of the guardian

    It was brought up a couple Of months pre end of season. There was a chorus of "we are not experts in state aid, so we can't discuss it". FFS that didn't stop them talking about tax affairs for 2yrs
  9. Nick Davies of the guardian

    The private eye reporter mentioned has already talked about it. Good chance he would be interested in a more complete follow up
  10. Nick Davies of the guardian

    This is exactly what's happening. I ask the question "If it is found that celtic have received state aid against EU rules who will you blame, Rangers fans or the current custodians of your club?"
  11. Nick Davies of the guardian

    I'm sure the private eye chap has written an article about it before. A few months ago
  12. Nick Davies of the guardian

    Can't see anything relevant in that link. Can you give a pointer?
  13. Nick Davies of the guardian

    Also I saw john mason willing to discuss the subject of London rd school last night with pzj and others. It turned in to a bit of a farce with off topic points being added in and then people rounding on him. Surely if we have the opportunity to have dialogue with an mp/msp willing to discuss these matters we should treat him with respect and at least try to foster a working relationship that could get this highlighted higher up. He seemed willing to do this at one point and I suggested pzj sending him all the info but then the slagging started. I don't really think this kind of attitude helps.
  14. Nick Davies of the guardian

    While the case is being looked at, a preliminary investigation, I would highly doubt that any journalist or media outlet will print anything other than just to mention that it is on going. Once the findings are made public we should see all the journalists coming out with stories I may be wrong but that's my thinking.
  15. "The Faculty of Advocates, which regulates the conduct of its members, said it does not class bankruptcy as a disciplinary issue."