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  1. Jimmy Miller. Not the biggest no. 9 but he knew where the goal was.
  2. Suarez would get red carded more than Alfie by the bent officials of Scottish football, good job the above is only fictional. 😂
  3. We will be playing twelve men for this game, just seen they have appointed that cheating bastard Clancy for it.
  4. It really should read I said no! to Decency to sign for the most immoral club in world football.
  5. Get your eyes tested, and if that doesn't stop you from wanting to fuck nippy get your dick chopped off. 😂
  6. It's definitely not coronavirus you will be worried about catching then. 😂 😂
  7. You will be waiting a long time before Lennon or any other arsehole from that club says anything about the racism against Morelos by their fans, the abuse he took coming off the park when we beat them at the paedodome, was blamed on a child ffs, but we know different and that it was just another scum cover up.
  8. Typical of the shit rag, publish a rubbish story of a bar in Spain breaking lockdown because its a Rangers bar, but can't report a story about Britains biggest Paedophile ring on their doorstep at the home of the Scum. Would be nice if they disappeared.
  9. Are you having sectarian dinners ? Orange and Blue.
  10. The not so separate entity. I wonder how they will answer what's in that old article.
  11. He probably has though. 😂
  12. I doubt it will be passed, but the bit I like is where the league spokesman says it will be decided ( via a Democratic process) I wonder what voting system they will use. Probably the Lieswell says process.
  13. Defoe has and will still be making sure he is keeping very fit where a lot of players up and down the country wont put the same effort in, what will be missing is match sharpness. I just hope our squad follow Defoe's fitness ethics and put the work in.
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