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  1. You don't have to worry about Morelos getting a red, he will receive it on Tuesday or Wednesday once the CO comes out of hiding, Walker and co on Sky will make sure of it.
  2. So this is the spfl JRG committee. rod petrie, ian maxwell, Dr John Maclean and neil doncaster. I think there is some skullduggery afoot with these fuckers, given what they requested yesterday while taking no action against all the latest rule breaking by covid fc scum. Surely these corrupt arseholes of the spfl/sfa are not looking to find fault with other clubs in some way of helping the scum out.
  3. It seems a definite case of more than one of these fuckwits have flowen over the Cuckoo's nest.
  4. I cancelled my holiday for the 3rd of January to Tenerife three weeks earlier as a blind man could see lockdown was coming. The trouble with the scum is their arrogance lets them think they are above any governing rules and the law, but hopefully all their rule breaking and historical crimes eventually brings the horrible Bastards down.
  5. The yanks think he should stay.
  6. Would be better if they all fucked off to dear old oirland, and took all their hate filled smelly parasites with them.
  7. I think Barnes has either lost the plot, or is at the wind up.
  8. His mother should have been done for dope carrying when pregnant.
  9. That face should be on notre dam as ffn gargoyle.
  10. Don't worry, unlike the scum, he hasn't lost sight of the title. 😂
  11. Happy new year to all bears and bearettes.
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