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  1. There is a lot more to come from Hagi for us, he is improving all the time and we will benifit from him skill wise and financially in the coming years, no need to sell him at the moment.
  2. Getting absolutely stoned wouldn't make that bitch any easier on the eyes. Just showed my dog that picture and it ran off to hide at the back of the settee.
  3. You should retweet that to the bitch and ask for an explanation. Not that she would be forthcoming with one.
  4. I would like thank Steven Gerrard, Gary McAllister and the backroom staff, and all the players for what they are about to achieve, either tomorrow or the coming weeks in bringing home our 55th league title even though the corrupt aresholes of scottish football have done everything they could to kill us off. I would also like to thank Dave King, who I wasn't quite sure about his motives at the time of his take over when we were in turmoil on a downward path, but he managed to put us on a good footing with a good board of Directors who love the club and backed our manager to get us to this point
  5. I was wondering at times during the game if I was watching a new sport called football wrestling. Livingston seemed to use their arms and hands more in tackles, than they used legs and feet. As for that cheating twat Beaton he needs booting.
  6. Going by that selection, I think these clowns would have trouble picking their noses.
  7. Even the Ibrox pigeons are getting ready to celebrate. 😂
  8. Those Ibrox pigeons will be reported to the co, spfl, sfa and the snp for unfair treatment to the scum and TLB. 😂 😂
  9. They are looking for that very small gene pool on Mars as we speak. 😂
  10. Just wait till they find out that during this conspiracy we have been allowed 50,000 fans in every home game with CGI graphics making it look like there is no one at the game. Braindead fuckwits.
  11. Rangers nearly shut me up permanently, a thought my ticker was going to give in. 😂
  12. Our defence was very worrying tonight, if we play like that against any of the top teams in the next round (if we don't make a twat of it next week) we will get hammered.
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