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  1. R.I.P Sir Walter, our Greatest Manager and a true Legend, you will always be in our thoughts and hearts.
  2. I hope they can see where they are throwing it, if they are like the Refs they will be blind as well. Oh wait! It's just scum related things they don't see.
  3. We were always singing it to the scum back in the 60s-70s I don't know why we stopped, but again it's another bit of scum history thats been rewritten.
  4. Another fuckwit who believes they are always cheated never defeated.These cunts are needing to come off the drugs and seek help, but even a psychiatrist would struggle to fathom these clowns out.
  5. This one is definitely in the straight jacket brigade.
  6. Maybe they think as Australia has been allowed to sing in the Eurovision song contest that should cover it regards eligibility.
  7. Dornan is a bitter lying prick and says absolutely nothing when his friends from the dark side spout their sectarian bile towards us. The useless clown should wear pampers over his mouth instead of a mask, it might stop some the shite he spouts getting out.
  8. It's not binoculars they need to see us with, they need the Hubble telescope.
  9. A football team has eleven players and one of them is called a goalkeeper, if can't get the Ball past him you don't win. What is it you don't understand Gordon.
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