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  1. Maybe they think as Australia has been allowed to sing in the Eurovision song contest that should cover it regards eligibility.
  2. Dornan is a bitter lying prick and says absolutely nothing when his friends from the dark side spout their sectarian bile towards us. The useless clown should wear pampers over his mouth instead of a mask, it might stop some the shite he spouts getting out.
  3. Getting absolutely stoned wouldn't make that bitch any easier on the eyes. Just showed my dog that picture and it ran off to hide at the back of the settee.
  4. Those Ibrox pigeons will be reported to the co, spfl, sfa and the snp for unfair treatment to the scum and TLB. 😂 😂
  5. Just wait till they find out that during this conspiracy we have been allowed 50,000 fans in every home game with CGI graphics making it look like there is no one at the game. Braindead fuckwits.
  6. Plus they have the best fans in the world wanting their season ticket money back because they fucked the 10inar.
  7. Bank linked to celtic's biggest shareholder Dermot Desmond ... https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/15395981.bank-linked-to-celtics... Bank linked to celtic's biggest shareholder Dermot Desmond fined £70m for ties to crime By David Leask A BANK partly owned and run by celtic ’s biggest shareholder Dermot Desmond has been hit with...
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