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  1. He deserves one, Messi and especially Ronaldo are overrated.
  2. If Emery was to get punted, Arsenal would go for a much more established manager than Stevie.
  3. It puts us in the qualifiers of the CL where we will more than likely be unseeded every round.
  4. Which is why those games against the teams we have played in the group stages is far more impressive than a statline bloated by playing diddies in qualifiers, as I said previously.
  5. For their era, Goram was better. I think the standard of player has increased since then so if it was a direct comparison not taking into consideration when they played, McGregor.
  6. Jack, Tav and Morelos for £1.5m and loads of their career left is insane. Jack or Tav on their own surely worth atleast 4 times that (probably more), then there's Alfredo...
  7. According to their fans on the European stage they have been ever since they got the result against Man U. Lot of them saying EL2 will be their level when it starts.
  8. Fair. But I wouldn't put them in the same tier as us. The teams we have drawn in the groups though have arguably been a tier above us on paper, but we haven't looked out of place in any game.
  9. Legia are nowhere near the side they were years ago. Osijek fairly average. According to Midgtyland fans they have been in free fall the last couple of years. Maribor wouldn't look out of place in our groups, I'll give you that. Teams like Progrès, St Joseph's, Skupi etc are free wins. Being competitive in our group last year was impressive. Our group this year has 2 teams of genuine quality and a decent team in Feyernood. To be 1 game away from qualification, against our weakest opponent in the group is so much more impressive than a statline bloated from teams like Progrès.
  10. Hardly, I even said it was impressive, just not as much as some on here would have you believe. 16 of those games were qualifiers... The calibre of team we have played in the groups the past 2 seasons is far above anyone we played in qualifiers. 10 games, 3L, 4D, 3W.
  11. While I think it's impressive, I don't think it is as impressive as some of us make out given the obscene number of qualifying rounds we have had to play. For me our outstanding stat is we haven't lost at home in Europe under Stevie G, especially the clean sheets against Porto, Legia, Feyernood, Villareal, Spartak and Ufa. Teams should be very nervous playing us, especially at Ibrox.
  12. Doesn't matter anyway, all that matters is the 2-0.
  13. Porto were far and away the better team before Alfredo's goal. After the goal it was all us.
  14. Incredible that folk were writing the boks off this world cup. Forwards win games, and their pack have been by far the strongest all world cup. Well deserved 🇿🇦🏆🏆🏆
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