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  1. Not a jot reported today in the papers.
  2. Very staunch. You on lunch from school?
  3. By the time the group has been completed, just turn it upside down.. They will be top. 😂😂
  4. Eh? Wft? The world is organised? Maybe not. Bag of shite. But we get on with it. I do anyway.
  5. Never seen subbuteo on tv. Alex Morgan from the USA team is stunning though. Doesn't even look like a dyke.
  6. No cunt wants to play for them anyway. I would feign injury too if this is the case. Club comes first. Fuck that other shite.
  7. Cheers for that. A marketing ploy from us supporting our troops? Jeez oh. That's why we have RSEA also. Second to none. Take care of our own.
  8. You must have big legs and fit as fuck!! Well done anyway.
  9. Few things that are just a tad unusual. Why the fuck could they get that banner in, and Pyros? I think, and im not really paranoid, those Polish pricks wanted a responce from Bears fans with that pishy banner to get them banned for good.
  10. No one seen it for the smoke. Not seen anything reported about it either. Never happened. 🤔
  11. Did the troops not get banned at one point for walking round the stadium? Including the abseil? Im sure i remember some no good ten bob fanny tried that from GDC. Am i wrong?
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