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  1. Getting a point at Pittodrie is a good result. Roll on 55
  2. They had 8 or so injuries when we played them. Think we can get the result we need at home, but can't see them being a walkover.
  3. Didn't notice him in the first half, but what an impact in the 2nd. More importantly, no card so free to play against YBs.
  4. So you think a YB team that isn't ravaged by injuries will be a lot worse than when we played them before? Nevermind we have your taig friends in the cup final a few days before. Can't tell if youre a taig or retarded.... Probably both.
  5. YB will be a much more difficult team than when we played them the first time.
  6. Some composure from their striker for that goal. Confident we've got another goal or 2 in us, Morelos for the hattrick.
  7. Must have been really hard for you not to type bheast, you inbred IRA supporting taig.
  8. I'm not convinced. Alfredo definetly was tho.
  9. Called it. Bitter taigs get it right up you.
  10. We've had a couple of chances. They've had loads but ultimately it took a big deflection for their goal. Confident we'll come back.
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