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  1. The stats won't care about the ifs and buts
  2. They had 1 chance and took it. They'll have known that's all it could take After a few saves he is in our heads. Anyway I'm pissed and pissed off. I'm no here to argue. Just dejected
  3. We shouldn't have handed a player who cannot score goals against them a penalty. That's stupid in hindsight
  4. For now that's the difference. We dominated them physically but do not have the mentality to win when on top Credit to Forster. Kept them in it and they they a snide chance. X
  5. There is They got battered for 90 and had 1 shot on target and we cannot win. The gap is mental not physical
  6. This is the time when every single pass shot or cross is vital and we are clutching at straws
  7. That's me at bus stop. Her parting words be good I will be Bullshite why lie
  8. I'm leaving house at 12 to get to a pub by 1230 Telling her we are meeting early to grab some lunch 😂
  9. Mine was based on a fifa win yesterday against a taig 😂
  10. Correct score 3 0 Kent first Alfredo two goals 750 to 1 @Moobs @Perth_Campsie_Ger @Ski@Band of Brothers @plumbGER and I have whacked on a quid each 4.5k back 😂
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