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  1. Who are our new derby day opponents ?
  2. Yes you are spot on. The away team would only travel with their 1st. Strip because the home team would have several strips at home. I also remember Rangers players changing into clean strips at half time, I also remember half time lasted 10mins., when did that change?
  3. Why not just Glasgow Rangers Football Academy
  4. According to the Daily Mail the document is 27,000 words long. How long does that take to read?
  5. Thanks again for everything. Have already been to Ibrox to collect the ticket (I live just through the tunnel) and dont worry I`ll be right behind them - NO SURRENDER.
  6. I am genuine 66 year old true blue. Could have got concession ticket yesterday but actually lost my wallet with cards in the morning and had to cancel all my cards.
  7. Am I too late for this offer?
  8. Theo Snelders I forgot he played for Rangers