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  1. They all need a boot in the balls. Sick to the teeth of it.
  2. My brothers follow quite closely the Australian leagues and have never heard of the guy. Talk about an odd one.
  3. Caixinha playing an 18 year old kent with the name Myles Beerman at LB in an Old Firm when we had been getting doings from the tarriers has to be up there with peak banter years moments. Was madness at the time, seems even more bonkers now
  4. There are some cunts just not cut out for being on the internet, seriously. Need a national licence scheme.
  5. Having just finally received my pre order size L top in the post today, can I just say you must all be fitted as fuck athletes or pretending you would fit an M. They are tight as fuck and I usually am an M every year.
  6. Shame, thought the lad had balls of steel and would make it.
  7. People forget the absolute shit show 2012 was and how he played a huge part in keeping us all together for the sake of the club staying alive and focus in gardening leave which in the scheme of his contribution in 2012 and his goals as a player is not even worth talking about.
  8. McCoist will always be my Rangers hero.
  9. Someone should be sacked for that decision, terrible. Wonder what his excuse was on 14 March 1998 though 😂
  10. No, I just know how useless the board is and I would have zero surprise if we found ourselves in the same situation.
  11. All for punishments but need to be careful what we wish for, we have halfwit footballers as players too... Shoe could easily be on the other foot.
  12. Man the outrage will be coming in the MSM for TBB there 😂
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