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  1. This. Have your beef with the SFA / tarriers reserves or whatever but fuck supporting England. Bunch of pampered pansies.
  2. Live in Melbourne, Australia so have seen him for years as the Melbourne, Brisbane and national manager. Haven't followed him in Japan right enough but he's nothing at all to be worried about in my view
  3. Postecoglou is weak as pish, nowhere near the mental strength required to manage in Glasgow, would be a total shambles of an appointment. Would be greeting at press conferences 6 weeks in.
  4. Just saw that too, seems mental
  5. That cunt up the pole, can't stop laughing. Need to see the video of how he got down. Scenes.
  6. So many times over last 10 years getting up in the middle of the night to watch us produce pure shite that I never thought we would be back here for a long long time. Feels unbelievable. What a journey. What a ride. What a high. I fucking love you Rangers.
  7. Jealous of everyone there today. Enjoy troops 🔴⚪🔵 We are the fucking people
  8. This is fucking brilliant, even if only for the wind up. STEVIE IS A G!
  9. Forgot that we won 15 on the trot, unbelievable.
  10. Mate they could sign Messi, Pirlo, Ronaldo, Fat Ronaldo, Zidane, Ramos, Baresi and Ronaldinho all in their pomp and they still aren't winning the league this year
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