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  1. Honestly haven't watched a minute of the tarriers other than against us this season and mind boggles how have they dropped so many points. They are decent the way they ping the ball around.
  2. Miles from anywhere in a country that is miles from anywhere. Like their own little kingdom over there 😂 Looks a blast.
  3. The fact that Kamara literally leans in, head on shoulder and squeezes Stevie shows the magnitude of the issue. He was a broken man at that point and needed a real hug. As tough cunts as we all think we are, be honest, when you are broken you need a proper hug. Really hammers home why they need the book thrown at them.
  4. UEFA in the cross-hairs. Can't punish us for our sing songs for years and then let this shit go.
  5. Quality of keepers in the EPL is rubbish imo, easily best keeper in Britain.
  6. I'd take Barry in to this team but that's it. So yes, he's right.
  7. It's the only explanation for the way this absolute roaster continually speaks about a living club legend.
  8. Have I just missed it or has there literally been no interviews or videos or pictures of Stevie from yesterday at Auchenhowie? Making me think he was nursing a hangover from the night before and was MIA 😂
  9. This is it. Finally where we belong. Fucking love it.
  10. What's the rules on shirt advertising? Thinking someone needs to get on the phone to 32Red and get them to officially change their company name to 55 plc for a few days so big Jimmy Bell can plaster 55 across the front of the players shirts for the Porkheid game.
  11. Ryan Jack yaaaaaaas 🇬🇧🇬🇧😂😂
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