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  1. Happy Birthday


  2. Like the avatar.


  3. suk ma boaby ya numpty everytime we had a break on you donkeys just brought the bloke down with a stronger ref you fannies would be lucky to have had 7 players left on the pitch now fek off and milk yer Goats
  4. fuck off on to the soap dodgers board
  5. Buch o cheating dirty bastards how the fuck that was not a booking then the try at a headbut straight infront o ref then that prick goading the fans think Uefa will do owt will they fuck
  6. comments welcomed

  7. Big Blue Ben

    ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    not really into it but who the fek is the two blokes in kilts? Are they really Scottish, they were on the other week when i was flicking through the channels i watched them dont know who they were wrestling.