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  1. We should be confident of doing well in this group.
  2. I am confident he will stay for a crack at the Champions League.
  3. What a brilliant footballer - he will improve under our management and become even better.
  4. Played well today - him and Morelos caused them all sorts of problems. 2 good goals as well.
  5. Routine save for Greegsy - nothing to see here
  6. The scary thing is, he has improved each year he has been here. Cannot wait until next season now . He will " tear them apart again"
  7. Well done JD - a model professional.
  8. Kent, Roofe and Morelos were all excellent today. But I thought Davis was our best player.
  9. I agree , just in time for season ticket purchase. It would be hilarious if it didnt happen.
  10. He done very well, gives everything in a game for us.
  11. Great to watch his pain, an insignificant little prick.
  12. Not much in the tie, we lost to a decent team, with good ability , but diving and screaming is embarrassing every time they are tackled. Take our defeat and move on.
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