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  1. You dont like Morelos, we get it. But is becoming repetitive and boring.
  2. I think he is, not really intersted in McCoists opinion to be honest. Winning teams should not be changed, unless injuries occur. Just my opinion.
  3. Teams win titles , not individuals, he is part of a team who are now winning and not conceding goals , he is doing his job. There is more to him than his goals now. Still think he has a lot to offer us.
  4. No way will Roofe start this game. Needs to get minutes in him before he will start. Too many niggly injuries to be rushed back.
  5. There's a lot of nonsense written on here about Alfie, but he is still our best striker. He is also adapting to a new way of playing this season, and works really hard, i still think he is contributing to the team, but not with goals. Unfortunately, turning on our own players is standard for some on here. He is becoming a scapegoat for many, who cannot accept he is part of a winning team who have made our best start to the season , for a long while. We always need someone to complain about.
  6. Brown represents everything they stand for, Classless FC.
  7. Spot on, Morelos gives gets in their faces and causes mayhem , he has them taking their mind off the game, Cannot believe the criticism he gets for doing that on here.
  8. Attention seeking cheerleader. Best ignored.
  9. Thought he kept their defence on their toes all game , worked hard and played his part again.
  10. Excellent again today.
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