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  1. He done very well, gives everything in a game for us.
  2. Great to watch his pain, an insignificant little prick.
  3. Not much in the tie, we lost to a decent team, with good ability , but diving and screaming is embarrassing every time they are tackled. Take our defeat and move on.
  4. Ignore all the nonsense being thrown around regarding trouble at the old firm game, scum manager rumours , everything is deflection to diminish our title win. Lets keep celebrating and lets change the narrative to Rangers winning our 55th title and still being in Europe. Dont let the bastards get to us. WATP
  5. our fans will be nowhere near that shithole next Sunday - the fences have been there from December ,to keep the scum from attacking their players.
  6. Important saves is what he does better than most. Outstanding.
  7. Every foul was followed by screaming , when they challenged for a header , they held their heads in agony . Embarrassing from a professional team
  8. The thought of giving us a guard of honour has tipped him over the edge.
  9. I would disagree He never left Liverpool on the best of terms , due to a picture and interview with The Sun. Seems to me Souness is a big a Rangers fan. But maybe he is winding me up.
  10. You are wrong Watch it and see @ 44 min
  11. He does a great podcast with Robbie Fowler in which he says that he looks for 2 results at the weekend. Rangers and Liverpool , in that order. Not sure Robbie was too pleased.
  12. The team are a credit to us all tonight. The desire to get a victory in such a big game was fantastic. Heart rate is now back to normal.
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