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  1. He needs a couple of goals to give him confidence, himself and Hagi need to make better decisions during the chances they get when they play, until then they will remain back up players.
  2. I think the Lennon substitution, putting Duffy on, when trailing, just sent the entitled mob over the edge. Carlsberg Sunday for me.
  3. He is looking sharper by the game.
  4. I think the management are changing his style to make his overall game better. He looks a lot keener to be involved in the link up play , than he did last year.
  5. Dissapointing end result , still unbeaten for the season. Penalty decision was a big call, and they got it wrong.
  6. Great defensive discipline from us tonight, against a good team. Think we can get at them in the 2nd half.
  7. Is Hartson going to cry!!!!!!
  8. Thoroughly enjoyed the commentary during the game, they really are delusional.
  9. I can see him being a fulltime sub - only being used if we need a goal in the last 10 mins
  10. I can see Walter bringing in a couple of older players on loan - I personally do not think he will go with youth I personally hope I am wrong
  11. we cannot let the truth get in the way of bitterness - the comments on here when a player leaves our club are embarrasing Aye, that's why everybody's pissed off with Boyd because he's leaving our magnificent club. Open your eye's, he was dishonest, shite from Christmas and now he's proved he's a money grabbin bastard with no ambition. Rangers man my arse. He is a Rangers man - there is no doubt about that As for the rest of what you say - bitterness at its best I have my doubts. What else in my comment is sheer bitterness ?, was he amazing and a hard worker from Christmas to the end of the
  12. We did not offer him the terms he wanted or something else happend to change his mind - people are allowed to do that Yes his form was poor to the end of the season - that happens with players - I cannot see anything dishonest - and we would all look after number one - if we had the opportunity
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