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  1. I wonder if they will proudly boast at the fact from August 2009 until August 2010 they have managed to be knocked out of the Champions League TWICE and the Europa League TWICE. OUT OF EUROPE 4 TIMES IN A YEAR!!!!!!!! Nae Luck Timmy.
  2. can dae the bouncy!! Na Na Na Na-Nah!!!

  3. Cool give me something to read later. Should be within the next 30 mins! I am just wrapping up in my hoodie and Rangers/Zeta scarf to avoid the chill then I'm off.
  4. I'm off to the 24hr ASDA to buy some fags. then I shall return and get more drunk and post some random shite! No Surrender!!!!
  5. I'm joining in tha fun! PIN!!!!! WE ARRA PEOPLE!!! :unionflag:
  6. Watch the delayed game, although if it reaches half time and things dinae look to rosey. You can always look up the score to see if the 2nd halfs worth watching C'Mon the GERS!
  7. Quite clearly, if he wants to name himself after an over-grown ape
  8. After shity weather all week it looks like the sun is coming out for this one! That should help the game be played in an entertaining manner! Com On THE RANGERS
  9. Any chance I'd be able to get a wee sig on the go? Preferably one of the Ibrox Card displays with my username & this forum address on it? Cheers troops if anyone can hook it up!
  10. That has been his masterplan all season! Lure them into thinking He wont attack away from home them BAM! 3 U front and a nice victory for the Gers! Once the sheep knock out Bayern, noone is left in our way. UEFA cup champions!
  11. The only 'good' thing to come from the 0-0 draw in the 1st leg, is WE HAVE NOTHING TO HOLD ON TOO! so we will not really be playing for a 0-0 again like so many times before. I would like to see Big Walter use an attacking formation and really set about these Greeks!
  12. OK, I'll probably turn up for this (Any excuse for a piss up). Any cunts fae Clydebank way fancy meeting up pre-toon? Or shall I just make my own way like a proper loner?
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