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  1. Micheal Dawson, Matt Jarvis, Keiran Richardson, Peter Odemwingie, Niko Kranjcar.
  2. Campaign is pish! Every level is basically the same.
  3. Haha the more I think about the Ray Wilkins ones, the more I laugh!
  4. I went to a Partick Thistle V Berwick Rangers game a few years back, as my Mums pals husbands brother, was playing for Partick. Was quite weird and couldn't really feel it, as it wasn't my beloved Rangers
  5. A can't fucking wait! Actual getting butterflies thinking about it! That is all! Haha ftp
  6. Just found out I am working tomorrow :/, can't make the game now. I know its short notice but if anybody wants to come to coatbridge or meet me somewhere, they can have my ticket for the mora.
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