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  1. No doubt we would be forced to sing "The Flower Of Scotland" with that nationalist Alex Salmond in charge, which I would find offensive due to my nationality. GSTQ
  2. Bear, no disrespect but its not the wisest thing to go shouting about your success on Wed night on an internet forum. I was speaking to one of my mates who was running with utd on Wed night. I know him through following England. He was telling me there were a few incidents on Wed night at the ground and in the town during the day. Said a few utd went in and took over a boozer in town. I knew about the trouble on the subway. Outside the ground was handbags I think. Only lasted for about 2 min. He was also saying utd were out looking for it since 10am. He was saying that something went off away from the ground as well - but didn't give anything away. What I want to know Bear, is when we played them in Sept. It went off in Gorton, about 20 min from Old Trafford. Apparently 40 Rangers got smashed by 80 mancs. What happened there? PM me if you want to keep it off the board.
  3. Hi mate Ranjam here ,i will take that ticket off you.Give me text on 07788 471918 and i will call you back .Cheers .WATP

  4. And what would banishing our best keeper really achieve? Perhaps he just got an adrenalin rush and acted irrationally. We have all done it ourselves at some point and regretted it after. I am sure he will probably be regretting his decision to play act - but the Hibs player isn't all that innocent. I am pretty confident that the Hibs player said something and there was a verbal exchange between the pair which prompted the play acting. Saying that I don't condone play acting in the slightest - a quick word from Walter in Shaggers ear is all that is required. Also from the Upper Tier today it looked like Lafferty was unlucky to get sent off. Yes it was a rash challenge - but only a yellow. Lafferty only reacted when the ball was punted intentionally at him. The Hibs player raised his hands and thus should have been the only one sent off. Great away day. Love going to Easter Rd. Rangers and England - GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!
  5. Fair play to him. He got into Barcelona's heads and then followed up by putting them out. He can do what he likes. Fuck Barcelona.
  6. +2 I AM GOING!!!!!!
  7. They did say that was the case on my form.
  8. So is my wife and she's a Jambo. The things she would do to Novo are just downright dirty!! Sounds like your wife could be a little more faithful to you
  9. You need to sort yourself out and stop messing people about with tickets before you are taken seriously. David Goodwillie would be a good signing as he is a hot prospect, but will need a few season to grow into the role of a Rangers striker. If we signed him and another goal machine I would be happy.
  10. RIP - is he the lad that always has a section in the match program? Thoughts are with friends and family
  11. +1 I AM GOING!!!!!!!
  12. My mate who I work with at the Safari Park is one of Davids best mates. Gets free tickets to all the utd games. Ill ask him next time I see him if anything is happening. Be good news as I think he is a good player. Could work well with Lafferty and Miller IF Boyd goes. I might blag my season ticket too haha!
  13. Enough of your singing pish... I've paid to watch the game, not have some div ringing my ears out! ;) ;) :P :P :P :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. Good work mods and admins! Cheers for all your help lads. Still down £15 but thats better than being down £45. Means I can pay for the bus for the last two home games now.
  15. Coming from the guy who said he met Carlos Cuellar in another thread? Coming from the guy who said he met Carlos Cuellar in another thread? hook line and sinker ya prick, hook line and sinker ya prick Got a bit of a stutter there? You said it twice. This coming from the little cunt that thinks its funny to mess people about? Soon as I get your address Warden90 I am coming after you. CUNT!