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  1. ah right excellent im sure it was good, i couldnt get flights back to belfast in time and i had no ticket so just watched it at home im sure you had a great time that night as well

  2. hey hows it going whats the planns for tomorrow

  3. What has happened to Kyle Hutton?
  4. It just gets better and better!
  5. I'd be gutted for you if that was the case. Here's hoping it gets the go ahead and we get right into the filth!!
  6. I hope not, as I've not been to a game since Man Utd at home!
  7. It's just said on the news it might be off due to frozen pipe!
  8. Also mine please help the muppet out!
  9. We Welcome The Chase!

    1. stephenbelfast


      alright love whats the crack what you doing for the match tomorrow

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